Common mistake seen/scene

Common Grammar Mistakes: Seen vs Scene

One of the most common grammar mistakes that people make is confusing the words "seen" and "scene". These two words have different meanings and are used in different contexts, so it's important to understand the difference between them.


The word "seen" is the past participle of the verb "see". It is used to indicate that someone or something has been viewed or witnessed in the past.

  • Correct: I have seen that movie before.
  • Incorrect: I have scene that movie before.

In the incorrect example, "scene" is mistakenly used instead of "seen".


The word "scene" is a noun and refers to a specific location or setting where an event takes place.

  • Correct: The crime scene was secured by the police.
  • Incorrect: The crime seen was secured by the police.

In the incorrect example, "seen" is wrongly used instead of "scene".

It's important to pay attention to the context and usage when choosing between "seen" and "scene" to ensure that your writing is clear and accurate.

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seen/scene mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We watched the opening seen of the play.

    We watched the opening scene of the play.

  • Incorrect:
    Similar to those scene in the park...

    Similar to those seen in the park...

  • Correct:
    Similar to those seen in the park.
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