Common mistake tow (toe) the line

Common Grammatical Mistakes: Tow (Toe) the Line

When it comes to using the English language correctly, there are numerous common grammatical mistakes that people make. One such mistake is the incorrect usage of the phrase "tow the line."

The Correct Phrase: Toe the Line

The correct phrase is actually "toe the line," not "tow the line." By using the word "toe" instead of "tow," you convey the intended meaning effectively and avoid incorrect usage.

The phrase "toe the line" means to comply with rules or adhere to a particular standard. It originated from a practice in athletics, where competitors would line up at the starting point of a race and position their toes behind a line to ensure they start off in a fair manner.

Here are a couple of examples showcasing the correct usage:

  • It's important for all employees to toe the line and follow the company policies.
  • As a captain, it is your duty to ensure that your team members toe the line and play by the rules.

By using "toe the line" correctly, you emphasize the importance of following rules and standards in various situations.

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tow (toe) the line mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We'll tow the line.

    We'll toe the line.

  • Incorrect:
    Make sure everyone tows the line!

    Make sure everyone toes the line!

  • Correct:
    We'll toe the line.
  • Correct:
    Missing comma. While the boat was towed the line broke.
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