Common mistake think you a/an (are)

Common Grammar Mistake: Using "Think you a/an" instead of "Thank you"

When expressing gratitude or appreciation, it is important to use the correct phrase "Thank you", rather than the incorrect phrase "Think you." This common mistake often occurs in written communication, such as emails, messages, or social media posts.

Understanding the Mistake:

The mistake lies in the substitution of the word "thank" with "think", which changes the entire meaning of the sentence. "Think" refers to the process of using one's mind to consider or ponder, while "thank" expresses gratitude or acknowledgment.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the correct usage:

  • Incorrect: Think you for the lovely gift.
  • Correct: Thank you for the lovely gift.
  • Incorrect: Think you to everyone who attended the event.
  • Correct: Thank you to everyone who attended the event.
  • Incorrect: I wanted to think you for your support.
  • Correct: I wanted to thank you for your support.

How to Avoid the Mistake:

One of the simplest ways to avoid this common grammar mistake is to remember the correct phrase "Thank you" whenever you want to express appreciation. It can be helpful to mentally associate the word "thank" with the feeling of gratitude or the act of showing appreciation.

Additionally, taking the time to proofread your written communication can help you catch and correct any instances where you may have inadvertently used the incorrect phrase "Think you" instead of "Thank you".

Linguix Grammar Checker:

Linguix Grammar Checker is an excellent tool that can help you identify and correct grammar mistakes like using "Think you" instead of "Thank you". By using this tool, you can ensure that your written communication is error-free and conveys your message accurately.

think you a/an (are) mistake examples

  • Correct:
    Some would think you are a fortunate man.
  • Incorrect:
    Some would think you a fortunate man.

    Some would think you are fortunarete maren.

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