Common mistake build off of (build on)

One common mistake that many people make is using the phrase "build off of" instead of the correct phrase "build on."

When we say "build on," we mean to use something as a foundation or starting point for further development or improvement. For example:

  • He built on his previous success and launched a new business venture.
  • The research paper builds on existing theories to propose a new hypothesis.

On the other hand, "build off of" is incorrect. The correct phrase is "build off" without the preposition "of." For example:

  • The team built off their initial design and created a more advanced prototype.
  • She built off her mentor's advice and achieved great success in her career.

It's important to pay attention to these small grammar details to ensure clear and effective communication. Correcting these common mistakes can help you sound more fluent and knowledgeable in English.

Linguix grammar checker is a helpful tool that can assist you in identifying and correcting such errors in your writing, allowing you to write with confidence and accuracy.

build off of (build on) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Arcade Fire tried to build off of the success of their first album.

    Arcade Fire tried to build on the success of their first album.

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