Common mistake on-going (ongoing)

Common Grammar Mistake: on-going vs ongoing

One of the most common mistakes in English writing is using the term "on-going" instead of "ongoing". While they may seem similar, there is a key difference in their correct usage.

The Correct Term: Ongoing

"Ongoing" is the correct term to use when describing an action or process that is currently happening and is still continuing. It is an adjective that implies that something is in progress or ongoing.

For example: "The ongoing construction project will be completed next month."

Here, "ongoing" correctly expresses that the construction project is still in progress and will not be finished until next month.

The Incorrect Term: On-going

"On-going" is an incorrect alternate spelling of "ongoing". However, it is important to note that "on-going" is not widely accepted and is considered incorrect by most grammar experts and language authorities.

For example: "The on-going debate continued throughout the night."

In this sentence, "on-going" should be replaced with "ongoing" to convey that the debate is still happening and has not concluded yet.

It is essential to use the correct term, "ongoing", to ensure your writing adheres to proper grammar conventions. By avoiding the mistake of using "on-going", your writing will sound more professional and polished.

About Linguix Grammar Checker

Linguix Grammar Checker is an excellent tool that can help you identify and correct grammar mistakes in your writing, including common errors like confusing "on-going" with "ongoing". It provides real-time suggestions and explanations to enhance your writing skills and ensure error-free texts.

on-going (ongoing) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    There is an on-going investigation.

    There is an ongoing investigation.

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