Common mistake in to (into)

Common Mistakes in English Grammar

English grammar can be tricky, even for native speakers. It's easy to make mistakes when it comes to prepositions, verb tenses, and punctuation. In this article, we will focus on one common mistake that many people make: using "in to" instead of "into".

Using "in to" instead of "into"

One of the most common mistakes in English grammar is using "in to" instead of "into". Many people incorrectly separate the preposition "in" and the infinitive marker "to" when they should actually be combined into one word.

For example:

  • Incorrect: I walked in to the room.
  • Correct: I walked into the room.

In the incorrect sentence, "in to the room" implies that the action of walking is happening in one place and then moving to another. However, the correct sentence should use "into" as a single unit, indicating movement or action towards the inside of a space.

This mistake can also be made with other verbs and prepositions, such as "look in to", "step in to", or "move in to". In all of these cases, the correct usage is "look into", "step into", and "move into".

It's important to pay attention to the correct preposition usage in order to express your ideas clearly and accurately.

Linguix grammar checker can help you catch and correct mistakes like this in your writing, ensuring that your grammar is accurate and your meaning is clear.

in to (into) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    It is split in to two sections.

    It is split into|in two two sections.

  • Correct:
    The board split in two.
  • Incorrect:
    Can you get us in to the top 10?

    Can you get us into the top 10?

  • Correct:
    Todd blackmails Dussander by threatening to turn him in to the police.
  • Incorrect:
    Can you look in to that?

    Can you look into that?

  • Incorrect:
    Can you look in to what happened?

    Can you look into what happened?

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