Common mistake mean while (meanwhile)

Common Mistake: "mean while" (incorrect), should be "meanwhile" (correct).

One of the most common mistakes in English grammar is the improper usage of the term "mean while". The correct term to use is "meanwhile".


Incorrect: He was studying, mean while she was watching TV.

Correct: He was studying, meanwhile she was watching TV.

The term "meanwhile" is used to indicate a period of time during which something else is happening. It is often used to show a contrast or to provide additional information about simultaneous actions or events.

When to use "meanwhile"?

"Meanwhile" is used when you want to describe two actions happening at the same time, but in different places or with different people involved.


  • He was playing video games, meanwhile his sister was doing homework.
  • The teacher was explaining the lesson, meanwhile the students were taking notes.

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mean while (meanwhile) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Mean while, back on the farm...

    Meanwhile, back on the farm...

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