Common mistake they area (are)

Common Mistakes in English Grammar

Mistake: Using "area" instead of "are"

One common mistake that many people make in English grammar is using "area" instead of "are" when referring to the plural form of the verb "to be."


  • Incorrect: They area going to the park.
  • Correct: They are going to the park.

The correct usage of "are" is essential for forming proper sentence structures and conveying the intended meaning. Using "area" in this context is grammatically incorrect and can lead to confusion.

It is important to remember that "are" is the second person singular and plural form of the verb "to be." It is used when referring to multiple people, animals, or objects performing an action or existing in a certain state.

Using the correct form of "are" is crucial for effective communication and ensuring that your sentences are grammatically accurate.

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they area (are) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I'm not sure what you area speaking about.

    I'm not sure what you are speaking about.

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