Common mistake going one (on)

Common Mistake: Going one (on)

One common mistake that people make when using the word "going" is adding an unnecessary "on" after it.

Correct: "I am going to the store."

Incorrect: "I am going on to the store."

In this example, "going" is used correctly as a verb indicating movement. Adding "on" after "going" is redundant and incorrect.


The word "going" is used to indicate movement or travel to a specific destination. It does not require the preposition "on" to convey its meaning. The preposition "to" is sufficient in expressing the intended action.

Using unnecessary words like "on" can make your sentence sound awkward and result in grammatical errors.

How to Correct the Mistake:

To correct the mistake, simply remove the unnecessary "on" and use "going" followed by the preposition "to" before specifying the destination.


  • Incorrect: "I am going on to the park."
  • Correct: "I am going to the park."

Linguix Grammar Checker:

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going one (on) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    She knew what was going one.

    She knew what was going on.

  • Correct:
    He is going one step further.
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