Common mistake free lance (freelance)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Freelance or Free Lance?

Whether you are a professional writer or someone who writes occasionally, it is important to have a strong command of grammar to effectively communicate your ideas. One common mistake that people often make is confusing the terms "freelance" and "free lance."

Freelance (Correct)

The correct spelling and usage is "freelance," which is a term used to describe individuals who work on a contract basis, typically for multiple clients or companies. Freelancers are self-employed and do not have to commit to a long-term working relationship.

Example: He works as a freelance graphic designer, taking up projects from various clients.

Free Lance (Incorrect)

The incorrect version, "free lance," is a common misspelling of the term "freelance." Some people may mistakenly use this version due to the belief that it represents an individual who is free from constraints or obligations.

Example: She started her own business and is now a successful free lance writer.

It is important to note that "freelance" is a widely accepted term and using the correct spelling showcases your attention to detail and adherence to the proper usage of the English language.

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free lance (freelance) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We did some free lance work for the company.

    We did some freelance work for the company.

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