Common mistake 'wherever there (they are) going'

Common Grammar Mistakes: Adding Unnecessary Words

One of the most common grammar mistakes people make is adding unnecessary words to their sentences. This can lead to confusion and make the sentence sound awkward or unclear. Let's take a look at one such mistake: using unnecessary words like "there" in the phrase "wherever there (they are) going."

Mistake: Using Unnecessary Words

In the example above, the phrase "wherever there (they are) going" includes the word "there" within parentheses. However, this word is redundant and not needed to convey the intended meaning. The correct sentence should simply be "wherever they are going."

Unnecessary words can often creep into our writing when we are trying to sound more formal or when we are unsure about the correct grammar rules. However, using unnecessary words not only leads to poor writing but also interrupts the flow of the sentence.

Why is it a Mistake?

Using unnecessary words can make your writing less concise and can confuse your readers. It can also undermine your credibility as a writer. Efficient and clear writing is always appreciated and can make your ideas more powerful.

Let's consider another example:

  • Incorrect: "I personally believe that, in my opinion, Shakespeare's works are truly incredible."
  • Correct: "I believe Shakespeare's works are truly incredible."

In this example, the phrases "I personally believe that" and "in my opinion" are unnecessary because the sentence is already expressing the writer's viewpoint. Removing these unnecessary words results in a more direct and impactful sentence.

Using Linguix Grammar Checker

To avoid common grammar mistakes like using unnecessary words, you can use the Linguix grammar checker. This tool helps you catch errors, suggests improvements, and provides explanations for grammar rules, all in real-time. With Linguix, you can enhance the clarity and accuracy of your writing, making it more effective and professional.

'wherever there (they are) going' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Wherever there going, I will follow them.

    Wherever they are going, I will follow them.

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