Common mistake Phillips (Philips) Arena

Common Grammar Mistakes: Philips (Philips) Arena

Grammar mistakes are a common occurrence in the English language. Even native speakers can make errors from time to time. One such mistake involves the spelling of "Philips Arena," which is often misspelled as "Phillips Arena." In this article, we will explore this common mistake and provide you with the correct usage.

The Correct Spelling: Philips Arena

The correct spelling of the sports and entertainment venue located in Atlanta, Georgia is "Philips Arena." Many people mistakenly add an extra "l" to the name, creating the incorrect form, "Phillips Arena."

This mistake often occurs due to the common name "Phillips," which is spelled with two "l's." The incorrect assumption by many is that the arena's name follows a similar spelling pattern. However, this is not the case.


  • Incorrect: We are going to see a concert at Phillips Arena tonight.
  • Correct: We are going to see a concert at Philips Arena tonight.
  • Incorrect: The basketball game will take place in Phillips Arena.
  • Correct: The basketball game will take place in Philips Arena.

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Phillips (Philips) Arena mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The team played at Phillips Arena.

    The team played at Philips Arena.

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