English Preposition after verb start on letter D and How to Use Them

"dwindle to", "dwindle into" or "dwindle in"? "dwell on" or "dwell in"? "dupe into" or "dupe by"? dump in, on, into, by or of? drown in, at, by, after or with? drop to, by, out, from or in? "drool over", "drool on" or "drool at"? drive by, to, in, on or through? "drip with" or "drip from"? drink in, from, at, WITH or on? "drill in" or "drill into"? drift into, away, to, in or towards? dress in, like, for, as or with? drench in, with, by, at or from? "dream of" or "dream about"? "draw on", "draw to" or "draw from"? "drape in" or "drape over"? drain from, into, of, by or out? "drag on" or "drag into"? "draft by" or "draft in"? "download from" or "download to"? "donate to" or "donate by"? dominate by, in, for, at or from? "divorce from" or "divorce in"? "divide into" or "divide by"? "divert to" or "divert from"? diversify into, away, in, beyond or with? diverge from, in, after, at or by? "dive into" or "dive in"? disturb by, at, in, with or about? "distribute to", "distribute by" or "distribute in"? "distract by" or "distract from"? distort by, in, to, with or of? "distinguish between" or "distinguish from"? "dissolve in" or "dissolve into"? disrupt by, in, for, through or after? "disqualify from" or "disqualify for"? "display on" or "display in"? "displace by", "displace in" or "displace from"? dispense with, to, in, along or by? "dispatch to", "dispatch by" or "dispatch from"? dismiss by, for, as, from or in? "dislike about", "dislike by" or "dislike for"? "disillusion with" or "disillusion by"? "disguise as" or "disguise by"? disengage from, with, by or in? "discuss in" or "discuss with"? discriminate against, on, in, between or among? "discover in" or "discover by"? "discourage by" or "discourage from"? "disconnect from" or "disconnect between"? "disclose to" or "disclose in"? discharge from, in, by, on or to? disbelieve in, after, for or on? "disappoint in" or "disappoint by"? "disappear from", "disappear in" or "disappear into"? disagree with, on, about or in? "disable by" or "disable in"? "dip into" or "dip in"? dine at, with, in, on or for? "diminish in" or "diminish by"? "dig into" or "dig in"? differentiate between, from, by, into or in? "differ from" or "differ in"? die in, of, from, on or for? "dictate by" or "dictate to"? diagnose with, in, by, at or after? "devolve into" or "devolve to"? "devise by", "devise in" or "devise for"? deviate from, in, away, before or by? "develop in" or "develop by"? devastate by, for, after, in or at? determine by, in, at, for or from? "deteriorate to" or "deteriorate in"? "deter by" or "deter from"? "detect by" or "detect in"? detain in, by, for, without or at? detach from, with, to, because or by? "destroy by" or "destroy in"? destine for, to, by, in or into? desist from, in or at? "designate by" or "designate as"? "design for" or "design by"? "describe as" or "describe in"? descend into, from, on, to or upon? deposit in, by, with, into or on? "deport to" or "deport from"? "deploy in" or "deploy to"? depict in, on, as, by or with? depend on, upon or for? "depart from" or "depart for"? "deny to" or "deny by"? "denounce by" or "denounce as"? denote by, as, in or to? "demonstrate in", "demonstrate to" or "demonstrate by"? "demolish by" or "demolish in"? demand for, by, of, from or in? "deliver to" or "deliver on"? deliberate on, upon, for, in or as? "delete from" or "delete by"? "delay in" or "delay by"? "define by", "define as" or "define in"? defer to, for, from, on or by? "defend by" or "defend against"? "defect to" or "defect from"? "defecate in" or "defecate on"? "defeat by" or "defeat in"? "deem by" or "deem as"? deduct from, at, by, for or in? deduce from, by, AS or in? "decrease in" or "decrease by"? decorate with, in, by, for or to? decline in, by, from, to or for? declare in, by, on, to or as? "decide on", "decide to" or "decide by"? deceive by, in, into, on or about? "debate in", "debate on" or "debate with"? daydream about, for, in, of or on? dash to, into, out, from or on? dare to, for, on, as or at? "dangle from" or "dangle in"? dance to, with, on, in or for? "damage to" or "damage by"? dabble, in, dabble, with
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