Prepositions after "dispense"

dispense with, to, in, along or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 87% of cases dispense with is used
    Now they dispense with the pretense.
    Service may be dispensed with: r 40.
    Power to dispense with personal attendance 116.
    That will also save considerable time by dispensing with the need for formal discovery.
    The Admiral generally managed to dispense justice by dispensing with inconvenient laws.
    You will stay with it forever; you will never reach a stage where you may dispense with it.
    Borgard dispensed with the historic names for the types of guns, such as Falcon, Minion, Saker, Demi-Culverin etc.
    When he reached the age of 16, the tutor was dispensed with, and the young man became a full part of the business.
    Because we've dispensed with so many other devices, the line-break's become if anything overloaded with functions.
    Not all consignments are inspected prior to clearance, and inspection may be dispensed with for reputable importers.

    In 6% of cases dispense to is used
    Most of them help him in preparing the herbs that he continues to dispense to the few people who come knocking.
    Go early, beat the rush It is possible that some homes may run out of chocolate to dispense to trick-or-treaters.
    I can still hear her loud scolding voice, laced with the colourful expletives of Hokkien, daily dispensed to the neighbors in the village.

    In 2% of cases dispense in is used
    Through the merits of Christ the supernatural riches of salvation were acquired which are to be dispensed in the Subjective Redemption.

    In 1% of cases dispense by is used
    Their mission: A swig of the drink dispensed by one Ambilikile Masapila, 76.

    In 1% of cases dispense outside is used
    Another example is PlumpyNut, a therapeutic food which is both durable and can be dispensed outside of traditional medical settings.

    In 1% of cases dispense without is used
    Indulgence, kindness and generosity were his peculiar attributes and which were dispensed without parade or ostentation.

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