Prepositions after "destine"

destine for, to, by, in or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 84% of cases destine for is used
    The drugs are destined for Britain's streets.
    The affected shipment was destined for Jamaica.
    Approximately 10 per cent are destined for the United States and 20 per cent are B.
    Here you quote his saying Pakistan is destined for greatness -- well, infamy for sure.
    Of the 1,000m invested in the corridor in 2013, 40% is destined for the Cataluna section.
    Flight 93 was destined for this structure, but it was shot down over Shanksville before it could reach its target.
    He is destined for Hell no matter what he does, or how much good he does because he is neither Muslim nor Christain.
    Our Track of the Week is absolutely monumental in scope, and comes from a band who are surely destined for big things.
    Consistently produced goals and assists at club level and looks destined for a move away from the Eredivisie eventually.

    In 13% of cases destine to is used
    That way is forever destined to failure.
    Approximately 10% are destined to the United States and 20% are B.
    So convergence is destined to centre around the mobile phone form factor.
    He described a pure and unsensual heaven destined to the virtuous - fires and torments that were the doom of guilt.
    I sit there in paralytic shock; I am suddenly destined to the worst of all imaginable realities, the sober Irish night out.
    This approach to reducing the deficit is destined to failure and will likely make the US deficit even worse as total taxes collected fall.
    This strategy coincided with the duty-free importation of goods destined to the United States market covered under the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI--see Appendix D).
    The Bursa Photo Festival is only in it's second year, but already seems destined to being a regular stop on the photo festival calendar for critics, editors and photographers alike.
    However, since the core issues underlying the collapse of the Somali state have not been addressed -- and are not tabled to be addressed at the conference -- it is destined to fail.

    In 1% of cases destine by is used
    Yly#xh5 ugg boots outlet Zyw#mz Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be destined by the Terms of Use.
    It was clear that by morality Stephen?? s philosophy meant moral code destined by the governing class of the society during his time.

    In 1% of cases destine in is used
    Your future is destined in God to be far greater than your past! Don't let your past ruin your future.

    In 1% of cases destine towards is used
    To be mentioned that all terminated calls destined towards subscribers ' original number will be automatically diverted to the assigned number.

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