Prepositions after "devolve"

"devolve into" or "devolve to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 32% of cases devolve into is used
    I would rather not see this blog devolve into rupeenews vs.
    It makes us feel good, but as described above can devolve into something that is ultimately harmful.
    It always devolved into a situation where the voters were to blame for their avarice, and not Washington.
    And it's that earnestness that gives the material another dimension and keeps it from devolving into kitsch.
    The practice exploded in the second half of the century, and it continues today, having also devolved into variations of the now ubiquitous five-paragraph essay.
    The founders of Novaltia looked around and realized that the world has devolved into a place that is no longer suitable for families, the bedrock of civilisation.
    I don't mean to get on a high horse, it's just that I've seen some open-mindedness in your initial comments, but they invariably devolve into hardened polemics if cornered on an issue.

    In 27% of cases devolve to is used
    It seems devolved to an older, less imaginative style of writing.
    Left libertarians need to disengage from the electoral process and devolve to local Occupy actions.
    What powers should be devolved to provinces? I have always said the Indian model is the most appropriate.
    I think my point was long before society devolved to that point, someone or something would pull us out of it.
    Legal power to consent onshore electricity generating stations with a capacity of over 50 MWe is devolved to Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    In turn operational daily management is devolved to the Town Architect, the Town Clerk and the Town Engineer who are assisted by the staff of the Council.
    But if that does lead to us devolving to a less intelligent society, we'd end up losing the very things that made up that modern society in the first place.
    This is perhaps because the state's policy constructs are centralised and monolithic, but the cultural sector is inherently diverse and devolved to communities.
    This is that power devolved to the regions will have to be done in such a way that change and amendments will require the consent of both the centre and periphery.
    Since 2006 much of immigrant selection has devolved to the provinces and territories and they all now administer their own Immigration departments and selection systems.

    In 13% of cases devolve upon is used
    If therefore Terah's brother Haran had died, the duty of becoming in effect the father of Iscah and Milcah would automatically devolve upon Terah.
    As July ended Task Force 77 retired to Okinawa for logistics, and naval responsibility for air support of the perimeter devolved upon the escort carriers.

    In 10% of cases devolve on is used
    On the 25th, as Admiral Struble left the fleet, command of the Fast Carrier Task Force devolved on Rear Admiral Ewen, Commander Carrier Division 1.

    In 3% of cases devolve apart is used
    In broad brush terms, Devo Max is actually a very straightforward concept -- everything is devolved apart from defence and foreign affairs.

    In 1% of cases devolve for is used
    Chittaranjan De Silva to go into all these allegations and identify the responsibility that devolves for the same.

    In 1% of cases devolve from is used
    Later, Seoka met with Lonmin managers, who told him that the situation had devolved from a labour dispute to public disorder, and was therefore out of their hands.

    In 1% of cases devolve under is used
    IMO The Australian has devolved under the leadership of Chris Mitchell from the premier newspaper in Australia to little more than a regurgitater and source of propaganda.

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