Prepositions after "depict"

depict in, on, as, by or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 53% of cases depict in is used
    In modern times trolls are depicted in a variety of media.
    These events are depicted in Jet Li's first movie, Shaolin Temple.
    Heavy gains were depicted in the counter during the day and AAIC closed at Rs.
    We were talking about the ways hunters are depicted in the popular media these days.
    Humanity is falling far below the social foundation on each one, as depicted in Fig.
    The emotion I felt whilst recording a song I can then depict in a dance also - No better feeling.
    The sculpture at the Boston Fine Arts Museum 45 depicts in great detail the symbolic crouching and falling figures.
    They looked and felt very nice and wise; not in the evil, grotesque ways they are often depicted in UFO subculture.
    Repeated earthquakes have lifted the modern shoreline several metres above the one depicted in this reconstruction.
    The horrors of the injuries from the war are frequently implied, but vividly depicted in the reactions of the characters.

    In 13% of cases depict on is used
    He is not much of a fan of American Christianity as often depicted on popular cable channels.
    People are interested in hell as it is depicted on temple walls with its various kinds of torments.
    After over a thousand years and many changes in production techniques, the monarch continues to be depicted on the obverse of modern UK coinage.
    The kind of hell that is depicted on temple walls is easy to be bold and unconcerned about; we think that no matter what we might do, we would never fall into it.
    The INRI depicted on the cross means the People of Israel so by channelling their energy towards the cross they are using sorcery giving their power to those who will enslave and kill them.
    As for the heaven that is depicted on temple walls, that is just another case of addiction to external forms, sounds, odours, tastes, and tactile sensations - total subjection to sense objects.

    In 10% of cases depict as is used
    At first he is depicted as a useless intern who barely responds to simple questions.
    Ravi, who was 18 at the time, was initially rattled by Clementi's death, which the press depicted as the result of cyber bullying.

    In 7% of cases depict by is used
    The latter species is the only Australian land bird depicted by Parkinson (I, pl.
    The only variables that change this to the drastic levels depicted by IPCC are currents and wind.
    Although the promising future for the new Kotokuraba market is depicted by the Cape Coast government, Mrs.
    This is what the Late Abeid Amani Karume is depicted by Makwaia wa Kuhenga to have told Mwalimu Nyerere in the wake of the establishment of the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

    In 6% of cases depict with is used
    Gods are depicted with six fingers as well.
    In both examples from Amaravati, the Buddha is depicted with the abhaya-mudra rather than with the bhumi-sparsa-mudra.
    The sublime thought of this article is so assorted in it's nature like the very Godess depicted with the enigmatic figurative presentation.
    South Italian vases believed to be affiliated with the Orphic mysteries, Dike is depicted with a sword in her right hand and seated among the divine judges.
    The hosts of Mara are depicted with various weapons raised ready to attack, while Mara himself appears to be the seated figure to the left of the empty seat under the Bodhi-tree.
    This picture is better depicted with the fact that a couple of years back over a 100 textile factories were operating in Nigeria, as at today those still in operation are less than five.
    Although the statue has sometimes been popularly depicted with its legs spanning the harbor entrance so that ships could pass beneath, it was actually posed in a more traditional Greek manner.

    In 2% of cases depict for is used
    Back then, there was much more sea ice on the Arctic Ocean than the satellites depict for current times.

    In 2% of cases depict through is used
    But in researching Patterson, it seemed to me at times that I was viewing a life depicted through time-lapse photography.

    In 1% of cases depict according is used
    Hell, the beasts, the hungry ghosts, and the asuras are all depicted according to traditional beliefs, which means all four are thought to apply only after death.

    In 1% of cases depict at is used
    The exhibition includes images of the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton with an apple tree in the foreground and Stonehenge is depicted at sunrise during the Summer Solstice.

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