Prepositions after "dump"

dump in, on, into, by or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 24% of cases dump in is used
    Excess pieces were dumped in the bush.
    Her body was then dumped in an underpass near her home in Berkshire.
    So let's take a look and see where the water that's been dumped in the ocean is from.
    Jamieson was abducted off Karangahape Rd in 2001, her dead body dumped in West Auckland.
    Metal powder is created while cutting it which can not be used and is dumped in the sea water.
    But if you want to see instant blue, dump in 2 bottles of oxiclean at once, instant gratification.
    That may be driven by a rural councillors objecting to urbanites telling them what they can and can't dump in waterways.
    dump in 12 packages of shock (the one with less residue and more expensive) Throw a couple of whole clorine tablets on the bottom.
    However, many of the reactors from these ships had been dumped in the sea or were still floating in buoys near the shipyards (Webster 2003).
    It was common to store human excrement and other wastes in pails which were dumped in the streets or emptied into the nearest body of water.

    In 19% of cases dump on is used
    Then, we were dumped on a deserted Island.
    I'll believe them when they rescind the church compensation dumped on the taxpayer.
    She grabbed her purse, which the hostess had dumped on the grass with the guests ' other belongings.
    After a lot of argument, a large bundle wrapped in a large dirty cloth was produced and the contents were dumped on the ground.
    Seriously, look at the commuter metrorail lines during rush hour, then transpose that to one person per car being dumped on the roads.
    Also, do read up about serfs and villains and the medieval feudal period in Europe (and Tibetan Buddhism) before you selectively dump on Hinduism.
    The rainfall was dumped on the country thanks to the remnants of hurricane Nadine which arrived on these shores as the deepest September low pressure system for over 30 years.
    The computers dumped on African shores may be obsolete or swiftly heading that way, and some people see welcoming such donations as degrading, defeating or simply ill-advised.

    In 14% of cases dump into is used
    The residual waste will be dumped into the sanitary landfill.
    Fact is CO2 is NOT a pollutant! It is not toxic waste dumped into a river.
    My ' teaspoons ' are usually just eyeballed or dumped into the palm of my hand.
    The renn bagger was nice to dump into, but it took a long time to hang a new bag on it.
    This means that a great deal of household waste is dumped into the river, which causes the extensive pollution.
    The prison authority, it was found later, put his dead body in a metallic cage and dumped into the bay of Bengal.
    Supreme Court has allowed for money to be dumped into political campaigns across the nation at ever-increasing rates.
    Hence, the rulers of this country still have time if they want to avoid being dumped into the garbage can of history.
    Thats why i seen a lot of my frens dump into drain of their Rm100k (invest in car accesories, restaurant, cafe &; etc).
    When the puck is dumped into Binghamton's zone, Lehner often looks like somewhat of a quarterback, making quick decisions and moving the puck.

    In 14% of cases dump by is used
    Kim Kyung Tak who was dumped by his parents, friends and lover.
    Only 18 per cent of them said they had been dumped by text message.
    The survey also asked if any of the respondents had ever been dumped by text message.
    After 17-year-old Lola is dumped by her boyfriend, she attempts to rebound by setting her sights on his best friend.
    Its presence in Australia was first recorded in 1946, when it was found growing on ballast dumped by wartime shipping.
    Being on the receiving end is also painful, according to the research, as being dumped by a friend can leave you feeling betrayed and full of self-doubt.
    Like Vardy, Jimmy Bullard had a false start, dumped by his boyhood favourites (in this case West Ham) after being picked up from Gravesend &; Northfleet.
    She feared that her aged father, brother and other relative might also be killed and dumped by the state intelligence agencies like thousands of other Baloch youth.
    Lyrically, the song revolves around the film's main actor being dumped by his girlfriend; the song is sung by the character in a drunken state, with many of the lines nonsensical.

    In 4% of cases dump of is used
    Both these cases are PILs, where the residents have complained about dumping of solid waste in Tumkur city.
    Yes this person did not knock ether and just thought they had a legal right of way around my property to dump of my parcel.
    The waste problem Meanwhile, dumping of waste is still a major issue in Dhaka as well as other parts of the country since the matter is yet to be fully-settled.

    In 4% of cases dump at is used
    dumping at sea has also been outlawed by many nations, including the.
    Back in 1975, the body of Josiah Mwangi Kariuki, a Kenyan socialist politician and a fierce critic of President Jomo Kenyatta, was found dumped at Ngong Forest.

    In 2% of cases dump from is used
    The 37-year-old, who was dumped from the one-day and Twenty20 international squads, has not played a Test since the West Indies last April and said he went months without picking up a bat.

    In 2% of cases dump for is used
    I tend to think that is the plan though and the pure CAD guys will be dumped for some social media CAD mashup.

    In 2% of cases dump to is used
    Treating your Li-ion with respect will not only extend the life and usefulness of your new phone, but also boost its resale value -- just in case you decide to dump to back on the market prematurely.

    In 1% of cases dump without is used
    Plastic waste is often dumped without proper authorisation and this is becoming a more significant environmental problem.

    In 1% of cases dump Tae is used
    They finally reach a stare-down, and Byeong Gun neatly summarizes that Jae Hun must have dumped Tae Hee for her to be crying for two hours straight.

    In 1% of cases dump upon is used
    The Sword of Damocles hanging over business and American entrepreneurialism is the gross of taxes and regulations waiting to be dumped upon them at any moment.

    In 1% of cases dump onto is used
    It was recorded with a Rode NTG3 (wish I'd taken a stereo mic/setup with me!) running into a Mix PreD then being dumped onto a PMD661 at 96khz/24bit.
    Could you imagine being dumped onto a 20 acre farm without the skills or practice to take care of it? Oh, I live in the city with neighbors on all sides.

    In 1% of cases dump within is used
    He said the project aims at addressing the missing links to monitor and control the possible occurrence of waste and chemical dumping within its environs.

    In 1% of cases dump instead is used
    So if something works badly enough, it's easy to dump instead of us being stuck with it for decades, as happens today.

    In 1% of cases dump behind is used
    Now, let's get to the point that seems to have upset you dearly: In addition, a wall was built around the Homestead Park Club House after reports that people were dumping behind the club house.

    In 1% of cases dump before is used
    Actually, its better getting dumped before that day.

    In 1% of cases dump atop is used
    Prepare this as you prepared the first layer and dump atop the second layer, spread it out evenly and press firmly.

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