Prepositions after "depend"

depend on, upon or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 86% of cases depend on is used
    It really depends on the horse.
    Their strength depends on this.
    depends on who is organizing it.
    We have known for decades that our survival depends on finding new sources of energy.
    D Hey DurianD! It really depends on where you are and how close to the trees you are.
    Should I Feed ' My ' Foxes and With What? The answer to this depends on your motives.
    Now its happiness depends on ice cream, candy, and junk food, on playing little games and running around the house.
    It displays which you are financially accountable and that they are able to depend on you to look after your assets.
    How far you believe any of the above possibilities might depend on where you stand vis-a-vis the two teams involved.

    In 12% of cases depend upon is used
    The second depends upon the first.
    Success also depends upon our thinking.
    depends upon who you are living amongst.
    depending upon the level of equity raised, this ratio would then fall to about 4.
    Presents are opened at different times depending upon where you are in the world.
    These periods may vary depending upon weather conditions in Siberia and in Pakistan.
    Annonymus, it all depends upon the undertanding between them, and you have not mentioned anything of that nature.
    Our willingness to continue experimenting through a business depends upon the personal motivation to continue, i.
    Also, depending upon the country you're in you may or may not be required to have an ESL or other certification.
    In such a case, the effect on a project's differential cost depends upon what can be done with the unused service.

    In 1% of cases depend for is used
    This site depends for its income on advertising.
    Not to mention blocktime, wormholes and all the warping of space which Jason depends for his warp drives.
    As the saying goes, the sovereign is the actor upon whom investors depend for rescue during systemic crises.
    The Treasury pointed out that the eurozone, on which Britain depends for trade, was forecast to be in recession.
    A great number of people depends for the living on the decoration of rickshaw body, artwork on it and rickshaw garages.
    Some small states - Fiji, Mauritius, and several Caribbean islands - depend for their economic survival on cane sugar exports.
    All of us depend for our peace of mind and our efficiency on hundreds of these cues, most of which we are not consciously aware of.
    depending for your area, you may be able to look for a broker to your area who may purchase your valuables at a just right price.
    We have a much more fluid, evolving, constantly changing thing which in the end depends for its authority on the three yearly mandate.
    Anyone get POP mail access and may create as many emails when you want in order to which would depend for the style of account that you buy.

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