Prepositions after "drench"

drench in, with, by, at or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 77% of cases drench in is used
    I was drenched in my own blood.
    It's done, and you're drenched in sweat.
    SKIN-CANCER: Rub skin with cotton drenched in vinegar until it turns red.
    Besides, riding motorbike is bit risky and you can also get drenched in unexpected rains.
    MALARIA: Take a big spoon of fluid quinine every day and cover the head with a cloth drenched in vinegar.
    It's understandable how the Canadian example must appeal when the public accounts are drenched in red ink.
    It is very different from parts of Delhi or Mumbai, which are drenched in history and the footprints of diverse races.
    The rugged cliffs are a dramatic feature of these seven gems of the Atlantic which are drenched in sun most of the year.
    drenched in the rains, the people's only anxiety was to see Nana Addo and hear his flagship message, the free SHS policy.

    In 15% of cases drench with is used
    AN EROTIC ELEMENT? Ray's work is drenched with erotic elements and he does not apologise for it.
    There's lightly fried calamari with brussel sprouts, drenched with lemon, garlic and chilli with a rounded base of aioli.
    I was drenched with sweat everyday because it was uncomfortable and not to mention the temperature outside is blazing hot which literally could roast you to death.

    In 4% of cases drench by is used
    Our answers varied -- No, we were scuba-diving, only we forgot to change clothes; No, we were up in the sky too high and got drenched by the clouds; No, we are Argentinean pearl fishers.

    In 2% of cases drench at is used
    We then proceeded to get drenched at the bottom of the Devil's Throat then walk back along the riverside path to the first bus stop opposite the pink hotel.

    In 2% of cases drench from is used
    drenched from our underground explorations.

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