Prepositions after "disengage"

disengage from, with, by or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 87% of cases disengage from is used
    Even after Israel disengaged from the Strip, nothing changed in the sea sector.
    Israel had disengaged from Gaza in 2005 and had given it the opportunity to develop.
    His separation (mubayanah) from them is that He is disengaged from their localization (ayniyyah).
    Left libertarians need to disengage from the electoral process and devolve to local Occupy actions.
    A formula might be crafted that would allow both sides to disengage from their irreconcilable positions.
    We disengage from the present and absorb ourselves instead in what Max Raphael called ' the means of figuration '.
    A growing inclination to disengage from the Orient brought the grant of prospective independence to the Philippines.
    Now they're that boring couple that doesn't do anything but talk about their stupid kid and disengage from the others.
    Women have a great deal to contribute to society and the and to force them to cover up and disengage from society is a shame that should not be allowed.
    Just over one-third of the young people in the study had completed their Leaving Certificate, and a growing number disengaged from the aftercare service.

    In 3% of cases disengage by is used
    Research gleaned and branding helps to expand the service at the same time as the bottom 20 per cent are increasingly disengaged by using smart metering, for example.

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