Prepositions after "denounce"

"denounce by" or "denounce as"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 53% of cases denounce by is used
    The work struck a nerve with the Catholic community and was denounced by the Pope.
    Ruesch may have been denounced by the district court of Zurich, but in the complaint it is not clear what for.
    Latter Rain teachings are denounced by the Assemblies of God in 1950, but resurface in the charismatic movement of the early 1960's.
    But it is beyond imagination that the uprising in Bahrain was discouraged and denounced by the west and major parts of the Arab world, terming it a rebellious act.
    This last measure -- fiercely denounced by Romney -- was probably decisive in allowing Obama to secure re-election by winning a number of Midwestern industrial states.
    Excuse me? These poor people have just had the centre of their community blown out and many people killed but the desire to defend themselves is denounced by the BBC as.
    Their connections with contemporary events added clarity to their writings, and any misrepresentations on their part could have been detected and denounced by their contemporaries.

    In 29% of cases denounce as is used
    This is denounced as? male? thinking.
    And if anyone queried the plan they were denounced as a sympathiser of the genocidaire.
    They include issues of mental illness and learning difficulties, childhood abuse and a length served on death row that has been denounced as a form of torture (see side story).

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