Prepositions after "disappoint"

"disappoint in" or "disappoint by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 30% of cases disappoint in is used
    Wayne has been disappointing in TC.
    Some New Yorkers should be disappointed in themselves.
    Please don't be disappointed in me because I'll be devastated.
    Catalunya did disappoint in one aspect -- it was way too stuffy in the restaurant.
    But in general, I've been disappointed in what I had achieved in a day (or a few hours).
    We moved on to share the veal fricand, which was a tad disappointing in terms of portion size and flavour.
    Now, there are talks of Walmart distancing itself from Tazreen Fashions Limited, disappointed in the company's failure to follow the rules for workers ' safety.
    After enjoying the freakishly sharp text in Mail and Safari, you'll be disappointed in the relatively crude type in, for example, the non-updated Amazon Kindle app.
    Men's Collegiate Eights Nailed it! The UVa men's squad did not disappoint in Boston, winning both the men's collegiate four and collegiate eight events, just ahead of Michigan in both cases.
    Cadence breaks down in tears and runs away, causing everypony to be upset with her, her brother to change his mind about her being Best Mare, and Princess Celestia to be disappointed in her.

    In 29% of cases disappoint by is used
    Some will be disappointed by the amount of progress.
    Some parties may be disappointed by the terms of the will.
    The Benefits You will not be disappointed by the health benefits that this food source can provide.
    He would be disappointed by current events such as the overturning of referenda in Ireland Holland, and France.
    A woman doesn't need much to be pleased and she also can be disappointed by something small but vital in her life.
    According to the CMC report, the radio station's management in its statement, claimed to be disappointed by the ban.
    My biggest fear now is that because of the years of hype I've heard about Firefly is that I'd going to be disappointed by it.
    Fruit and vegetables are in abundance, and vegetarians won't be disappointed by the large number of vegetarian dishes on offer.
    Coun Anderson (Lib Dem Sheldon) admitted the changes posed difficult problems and that many groups would be disappointed by the outcome.

    In 12% of cases disappoint with is used
    To wrap things up, readers new and old will not be disappoint with the Civil War story arc.
    But such is the level of disappoint with New Labour that to many anything feels better than this.
    Indiana came into the season as the nation's top-ranked team and so far it hasn't disappointed with a perfect 5-0 record.
    Flynn doesn't disappoint with his detailed fighting action, believable political intrigue, and plot twists to keep the reader guessing.
    And Klum's other outfits certainly didn't disappoint with plunging necklines, backless designs, thigh high splits and Swarovski crystals all firmly on show.

    In 8% of cases disappoint on is used
    Rudd has been disappointing on a number of levels.
    How could it not? And the current production certainly doesn't disappoint on that score.
    Fortunately it didn't disappoint on that front either, meaning I should keep going back to the game and stick with it until I've done absolutely everything.

    In 5% of cases disappoint to is used
    The crops have been disappointing to growers and the underlying land has fallen in value.
    So when I articulated a capitalistic interpretation of what needed to be done in health care, that was disappointing to some people.
    Not only are dead links disappointing to users, they also rob your users of the value they were supposed to gain from going to the destination site.

    In 2% of cases disappoint as is used
    Love, unlike any other focus of living, such as striving for knowledge, accomplishments, possessions, appearances or safety, will not disappoint as a way of life.

    In 2% of cases disappoint for is used
    He was brought on for Kelly on Wednesday after the full-back was injured, a choice that will have been more than a little disappoint for Jon Flanagan, the right-back amongst the subs that night.

    In 1% of cases disappoint about is used
    The truth is no one will disappoint about the beauty of Matara.

    In 1% of cases disappoint after is used
    They will not have expected to be this far off Red Bulls pace at this point and will no doubt be disappointed after a season that promised so much.

    In 1% of cases disappoint from is used
    On the topic of all the actions in the movie many of the parents would be disappointed from the movie.

    In 1% of cases disappoint under is used
    The assembly members say the development efforts of the district are disappointing under the administration of Honourable Husein Issah.

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