Prepositions after "deter"

"deter by" or "deter from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases deter by is used
    Tour buses are deterred by the gradient.
    Nor are they deterred by the complexity of what they set out to achieve.
    Manchester City wouldn't be deterred by a relative bargain at 60 million.
    I am sure the Prophet is not and will never be deterred by these misguided Nigerians.
    But this is about innovating and establishing new companies (which is not deterred by outsourcing).
    It is still desirable but to a different group of thieving criminals who I hope will be deterred by the bike's security.
    Such criticism can not, in my opinion, be muzzled or deterred by the courts at the instance of public officials under the label of libel.
    Nevertheless, I am not going to be deterred by this small setbacks especially when we (me and my family) could see the balloons right here in the car.
    That said, the band didn't seem to be deterred by the smaller turnout, putting on a performance that was even better than their initial foray into the T-Dot.
    Huma Yusuf But with Ramadan approaching, and users increasingly willing to dole out for religious content, SMS spammers are unlikely to be deterred by the P.

    In 33% of cases deter from is used
    Others would be deterred from following the way of Christ.
    Most of the construction is at a halt but it deters from what was intended.
    Particularly, in agriculture, small farmers are deterred from adopting new cultivation practices on account of this reason.
    There are many babies joining the ranks but we must learn to designate, so we are not deterred from the calling of His heart.
    Will not be deterred from utilizing an internet hosting Robert Griffin III Jersey services that uses customer service agencies in an overseas land.
    LARIAH research in particular found that users expect very high standards of resource content and interfaces, and are easily deterred from using digital resources.
    I don't think it's the be all and end all, people don't get deterred from setting up a mutual because of the tax treatment, it's much more cultural and behavioural.

    In 3% of cases deter as is used
    Concerning atomic showdown and moreover would not be deterred as a result of associated risk psoriasis.

    In 2% of cases deter away is used
    The only other focus that will deter away from them will be the situation Avram Grant and his side are facing at West Ham at the moment.

    In 2% of cases deter near is used
    There is no doubt that this field is greatly talented, but the weather at these Olympics will likely deter near world record times.

    In 2% of cases deter through is used
    It is less successful against criminal groups or extremists who can not be readily traced, let alone deterred through sanctions or military action.

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