Prepositions after "detach"

detach from, with, to, because or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 87% of cases detach from is used
    Rave trip your mind is detached from your body.
    The corollary being, I am detached from Mindanao.
    Remain confident and detach from the immediate issue.
    I detach from my books almost immediately after I publish them and I have no regrets.
    Ultimately, we detach from a relationship because we feel we can't ask for what we need.
    But at this point, I asked Dowd if perhaps I should try to detach from some of the suckers.
    The PSU input remains where it was in the other PSP models, strangely detached from the power light on the E-1000.
    PERIO CHARTING Measures the depth that the gums have detached from the side of the tooth forming a pocket (perio pocket).

    In 5% of cases detach with is used
    Every unit of the development is detached with individual, private gardens.
    It is in quiet area, but is semi detached with another cottage - nice neighbours.
    This is a superior home, detached with large garden to front and rear, measuring 3.
    On the 21st Triumph was detached with Comus for a ten-day period of availability at Sasebo.
    It will be beautifully kitted out - UNFURNISHED - and is semi detached with garden to the front and rear - electronic gates - all the extras.

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