Prepositions after "disrupt"

disrupt by, in, for, through or after?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 54% of cases disrupt by is used
    Confidence can be disrupted by a completely new experience.
    However, this process was disrupted by the Japanese invasion.
    Simic was born in Yugoslavia in 1938, and his childhood was disrupted by World War II.
    At least two of these recent economic efforts have been disrupted by MI5 sting operations.
    Form and range of motion should always be paramount when performing any exercise but sometimes can be disrupted by structural challenges, in this case, the floor.
    An important structural chemical component of these antibiotics is a beta-lactam ring which is disrupted by the beta-lactamase, rendering the antibiotic ineffective.
    The steepest drops occurred in Mexico, where some programs were suspended after the State Department issued travel warnings, and Japan, where programs were disrupted by the earthquake and tsunami.
    But to my mind they were sharing something with each other, something that could be easily disrupted by another child who didn? t understand the rules of the game (? We? re mothers?) or by an adult.

    In 10% of cases disrupt in is used
    The entire quality of life was disrupted in one sense or another.
    Could Facebook be disrupted in a similar fashion? It seems ludicrous to suggest that today since the site remains tremendously popular.

    In 6% of cases disrupt for is used
    Traffic movement on Abdullahpur-Bypile road was disrupted for more than an hour till 10:15am.
    As the Quietus reported, ticket sales were disrupted for many other smaller events that relied on Ticketmaster's website.

    In 4% of cases disrupt after is used
    Earlier this week, learning at Rwathia Girls Secondary School in Kangema district was disrupted after students went on strike demanding to wear miniskirts.

    In 4% of cases disrupt at is used
    The recess working programmes of staff are disrupted at a cost, as are pre-booked tours.

    In 4% of cases disrupt because is used
    Day-to-day work of the DCC is also being disrupted because of internal conflict among the DCC staff over bifurcation of Dhaka city, they said.
    Recently, in Mandeville, the water system was disrupted because of a power surge, causing the whole town of Mandeville and its residents to go without water for days.

    In 4% of cases disrupt due is used
    Aircoach services to/from Dublin Airport, through Dublin City (Ballsbridge &; Leopardstown ), will be disrupted due to road and street closures.
    disrupted or cancelled sailings Every effort is made to maintain advertised schedules but sailing times can sometimes be disrupted due to technical, operational or weather related issues.

    In 4% of cases disrupt on is used
    This special alignment means that the usual energy that typically streams to Earth from the black hole in the center of the Milky Way will be disrupted on 12/21/12 2012 at 11:11 p.

    In 2% of cases disrupt as is used
    Combustion is disrupted as the same amount of heat is spread over a larger area.

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