Prepositions after "disguise"

"disguise as" or "disguise by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 43% of cases disguise as is used
    Ivorit is a defense of imperialism, disguised as an act of patriotism.
    At this point, I thought of disguising as a camel herder but that sounded stupid.
    She attended the games disguised as a man and was not recognized until she shouted with joy over her son's victory.
    Now they're trying to fill the web with sponsored posts written entirely for the purpose of squeezing in a link disguised as a feature.

    In 16% of cases disguise in is used
    It is easy to recognize the human ambitions when they cut relations and shed blood, even if they are disguised in ' nationalism ' and ' ethnicity ' outfits.
    He is now in your palace, disguised in the clothes of the holy woman Fatima, whom he has murdered, and it is he who has suggested to your wife to make this pernicious demand.
    I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEOW! Skymom A man tried to bring a lawn mower on board (disguised in a huge box) and expected us to find a place for it! The carry on lugage has gotten ridiculous.

    In 6% of cases disguise with is used
    Basically the standard Pop album disguised with the occasional loud guitar.
    On Sunday, Larkin, disguised with a beard, entered Murphy's Imperial Hotel and appeared on a balcony on the first floor.
    The American people accepted, though not without some qualms of conscience, the forgery, treachery and disguise with which Funston prepared his expedition.

    In 4% of cases disguise for is used
    However, disguises for those attacks were created to hide the truth.

    In 4% of cases disguise on is used
    AHA we found the answer, it was one simple phrase that the worship leader disguised on the back of the bulletin.

    In 2% of cases disguise like is used
    The magician, thus disguised like the holy woman, spent the remainder of the night in the cell.

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