Prepositions after "dash"

dash to, into, out, from or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 23% of cases dash to is used
    However, their hopes were dashed to ground when their regular income stopped and some farm owners went missing.
    Mama Ikenna: (getting out of bed and trying to do 100 meters dash to mama Ngozi's house) Ewoo, hello, hello, Ikenna Nwa m, how are you.
    Neighbours heard the screams and dashed to the school, where they restrained the man as he was still hacking at his brother's body, the paper added.
    I imagine that it was squashed into the ground by a centaur's hoof as the centaurs dashed to the aid of the Hogwarts fighters, and thereafter became buried.
    Sony has also very kindly bundled lots of software with the Xperia S out of the box, which saves you having to dash to Google Play as soon as you turn on to grab vital apps.

    In 12% of cases dash into is used
    Comstock and I dashed into a herd, followed by the referees.
    Ah Gil got her movie ticket first and quickly dashed into the cinemas, while Mr.
    As Waiters dashed into the open street, an insurgent truck came at him through the smoke with its gunner firing.
    This special melee attack deals a silly amount of damage, and you can even dash into the air to attack flying enemies.
    When Longhorns quarterback Vince Young dashed into the end zone with 19 seconds left to end the Trojans ' 34-game winning streak, Johnny Manziel was in seventh grade.

    In 8% of cases dash out is used
    It's for you! At that, Harry's eyes widened and he dashed out of the room.
    He slowly edged around Brock, took hold of Tony, and dashed out of the caf.
    I dashed out of my room and opened the door to a terrace, where I stood alone, feeling strangely isolated.

    In 7% of cases dash from is used
    For a couple hours, he dashed from one map to another, offering specific details and suggestions from how we should hike one trail, to the best type of hiking boots to fit our feet.

    In 5% of cases dash on is used
    It is difficult to keep up one's spirits, wishing for a win and then watching those wishes dashed on the jagged rocks of an SEC schedule as the team flounders rudderless in the surf.

    In 5% of cases dash for is used
    A few brave souls could be seen outside covering their heads with plastic bags and dashing for the nearest bus stop.
    But hopes were briefly raised then dashed for an imminent calm between Israel and Hamas as diplomats fervently sought a truce.

    In 4% of cases dash as is used
    With that in mind, let's take a look at the 16 teams whose playoffs dreams had been dashed as of Monday (i.
    I love the scene where Gilda nearly murders dash as a means of lifting her ' verbannung, ' but then they end up reconciling in a pool of blood and tears instead.

    In 4% of cases dash by is used
    The victory belongs to Edorites and indeed Nigerians whose hopes for a credible democracy had serially been dashed by those who see democracy as a malleable tool in their sly hands.

    In 3% of cases dash at is used
    As a fan of McCullum, too often I have been left disappointed, jilted at the altar of promise, as a possible dawn of a happy future has been dashed at the rocks of a petulant dismissal.

    In 3% of cases dash against is used
    She put her head out of the chariot and the rock dashed against her head and killed her.
    When the rain came with it and dashed against the windows, I thought, raising my eyes to them as they rocked, that I might have fancied myself in a storm-beaten lighthouse.

    In 1% of cases dash past is used
    He thinks it's a game to try to dash past me before I can swamp him in the towel to dry those muddy feet and undercarriage.

    In 1% of cases dash up is used
    Looking up I saw a figure with a white hoodie dashing up the street a couple of houses up.

    In 1% of cases dash with is used
    However, the king is Mango, a nice half ripe (not the Rolls-Royce/ Julie) mango sliced, dashed with salt, and seasoned with garlic, chadon/shadon beni and PEPPER, some lime if you want.

    In 1% of cases dash like is used
    But for reality TV world, blech! I want them to be demonic like Milania Giudice, narcissistic like Ashley Holmes or dashing like Albie Manzo.

    In 1% of cases dash in is used
    Jun-Jun was dashing in an intricately embroidered piAAa barong as he nervously awaited his glowing bride.

    In 1% of cases dash because is used
    All these expectations have been dashed because of the abrogation of this contract.

    In 1% of cases dash after is used
    Hopes for a Guns N ' Roses original line-up reunion at the ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio earlier this month were dashed after Rose declined to attend the music museum's annual gala.

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