Prepositions after "desist"

desist from, in or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 89% of cases desist from is used
    I shall desist from calling coffeetalk a troll going forward.
    This is the only way to make him desist from so bold, not to say rash, an undertaking.
    Al-Ghazali believed that an oppressive Khalifa must be told to desist from his crimes.
    I am proclaiming a Fatwa here to all the Muslims to desist from the Kashmiri militancy.
    You should therefore desist from this immediately and make tawbah (repent) for what has past.
    It is impossible for us to desist from working for the noble cause to which philosophy awakens us.
    I strongly recommend that we desist from our own knowledge and join in with the company of scholars.
    We appeal to campaigning parties to desist from utilizing deceptive tactics in order to secure voter.
    Luo Council of Elders chairman Willis Otondi urged community elders to desist from fanning ethnic tensions.
    A timely word of caution is useful: There is no guarantee of success that desisting from questioning the.

    In 7% of cases desist in is used
    Sema says SAMWU has received an undertaking from the South African Local Government Association to desist in local government's use of labour brokers and sub-contractors.

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