Prepositions after "differentiate"

differentiate between, from, by, into or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 77% of cases differentiate between is used
    differentiate between loneliness and solitude.
    I think people should learn to differentiate between them.
    She is able to differentiate between good and evil on her own.
    It's also important to differentiate between registered voter and likely voter polls.
    Chidinma: Our father was not able to differentiate between the two of us till he died.
    Most European languages differentiate between the familiar thou/tu and formal you/vous.
    Therefore to differentiate between body, mind and soul, or matter and spirit, is the first step in yoga.
    I also realized that elephants have different ear pattern that one can use to differentiate between them.
    The peach march was an attempt to show to the world that you need to differentiate between the Taliban's.
    Calulate example from subject S2 There was some debate as to how to differentiate between sketch and draft.

    In 9% of cases differentiate from is used
    So its kinda hard to differentiate from far.
    Borrelial lymphocytoma on the breast must be differentiated from malignancy 109.
    We are children of the same God and do not need to make walls to differentiate from each other.
    Immaturity of Newborn Hardly Respected In the eyes of the newborn she is not even differentiated from the mother.
    Women infected with Toxoplasma or CMV may have flu-like symptoms that are not easily differentiated from other illnesses.
    A car company logo will allow you to stand tall one of the target audience and will assist you to differentiate from the rest.
    Can the impacts of climate warming be differentiated from changes in employment due to other political economic transformations? 3.

    In 4% of cases differentiate by is used
    An overloading method must be differentiated by its argument list.
    They come in different sizes and are commonly differentiated by inches.
    CD can usually be differentiated by the typical architectural distortion that is not found in EG.
    It can not be differentiated by the return-type, the exceptions, and the modifier, which is illegal.
    It can have any return-type, access modifier, and exceptions, as long as it can be differentiated by the argument list.

    In 3% of cases differentiate into is used
    When creation began, the One differentiated into Two - matter and spirit.
    Specialised stem cells extracted from fat and umbilical cord tissue have the ability to differentiate into bone, tendon, muscle and even nerves.

    In 1% of cases differentiate on is used
    The bottomline is: differentiating on the non-icky factor has lost its lustre and because of audience saturation, something new is needed.

    In 1% of cases differentiate through is used
    Key to the latest enhancements to OPN is the ability for partners to differentiate through Specializations.

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