Prepositions after "deliberate"

deliberate on, upon, for, in or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 50% of cases deliberate on is used
    The jurors then retire to deliberate on a verdict.
    On instructions of the MOE, school PIBGs were not allowed to discuss or deliberate on the matter.
    Because it means I don't have to go shopping for it!! And deliberate on things!!! I think I'd far more creative for it.
    Development Expenditure Estimates For 2013 Tuan Speaker, Now I would like to deliberate on the Development Estimates for the year 2013.
    However, she confirmed that the NEC deliberated on several issues including the ANC-led government's handling of the Marikana demonstrations.
    John Brennan, the White House counter-terrorism chief, told reporters that the administration was still deliberating on release of the material.
    As we meet for the seventh time to deliberate on matters of vital importance to our continent, we can not but be impressed by the fruits of our previous deliberations.
    The Republicans also need to seriously deliberate on the wisdom of incorporating contentious social issues such as abortion and contraception into the larger political platform.
    May God bless your conference as you deliberate on this matter, and I pray that your decision will reflect the best values of the human family as we stand in solidarity with the oppressed.
    We stakeholders of the alleged witches camps in the northern region of Ghana having met in Tamale at Radach Memorial Lodge on the 29th and 30th December 2011, and deliberated on the existence of the.

    In 8% of cases deliberate for is used
    Hearing these things, and deliberating for a long time among themselves, they thought it most just to furnish what was demanded of them.
    This mistaken reassurance was probably deliberate for later Matthew Hood was suspected of having sympathy with the United Irishmen and dismissed by his employer.
    The stewards then deliberated for hours about what decision to make, knowing full well that whatever decision they made would have a huge impact on the Championship.
    I deliberated for ages trying to think of how I could justify buying them (Christmas presents? well my budget per kid is $100 and somehow I don't think socks even beautiful ones are on their list).

    In 8% of cases deliberate in is used
    The Council shall continue to deliberate in this.
    What the Supreme Court will deliberate in Maryland v.
    He would have been excruciatingly deliberate in the communications he crafted.
    These issues were deliberated in light of New Zealand's current fiscal framework, the Public Finance Act 1989.
    The Council shall continue to deliberate in this fashion until they come to one mind through consensus building.

    In 5% of cases deliberate as is used
    As I write this the Executive Team are still deliberating as to whether the global intranet project will go ahead -- after three attempts by the business sponsor.

    In 5% of cases deliberate with is used
    I'll put some more clothes on ' she deliberated with Linda and Charlie.
    To interact is to question, to answer, and to deliberate with civility, as well as to build coalitions and to manage conflict in a fair, peaceful manner.

    In 3% of cases deliberate over is used
    These issues would in turn be introduced into the village's Council of Chiefs who would deliberate over such issues and pass legislation.

    In 2% of cases deliberate between is used
    While deliberating between the merits of the others, he caught the mirthful glance of Sallust, and by a sudden inspiration named the jovial epicure to the rank of director, or arbiter bibendi.

    In 2% of cases deliberate since is used
    The utilization of these lands has been deliberated since 2001.

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