Prepositions after "deteriorate"

"deteriorate to" or "deteriorate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 24% of cases deteriorate to is used
    It gradually deteriorated to ruins until the new renovation.
    The ride quality never seemed right and deteriorated to a point where it was appalling.
    No one who gets married ever believes that their relationship will some day deteriorate to such a low place.
    It is hard to believe that a country which has adopted Mahatma Gandhi as the father of the nation could deteriorate to this extent.
    The company had invited a consultant to review its workers because the work atmosphere had deteriorated to a degree where the customers were already beginning to notice it.

    In 20% of cases deteriorate in is used
    Our assessment is that the human rights deteriorated in 2006.
    Our assessment is that the human rights situation deteriorated in the last year.
    The independence of thought among the great Muslim divines under the Abbaside rule had not deteriorated in the least.
    The cohesiveness required in the ruling party, which was there in UPA-I, has deteriorated in the last few years, particularly in the last one year.

    In 11% of cases deteriorate into is used
    The priesthood, I countered, seems to have deteriorated into just another job, with no moral strength to fight corruption.
    It's amazing (and sad) how seemingly innocent web surfing can deteriorate into time wasting, which, in turn can degenerate into the haram.
    This should be enough to prevent type 2 conditions from deteriorating into complications, but the condition could still worsen over time.
    What had started out as excellent entertainment had now, in the crowd's view, deteriorated into mere abuse, and since this abuse was in the main directed at them they wearied of it.

    In 7% of cases deteriorate with is used
    Audio tape cassets deteriorate with time due to fungus growth and other factors.
    Ms Anne Mateyo is pleased that the local market can now brag of new permanent structures, even if the volume of trade has deteriorated with the low inflows of visitors.
    But over the years, the facility has been allowed to deteriorate with conditions worsening after a massive fire destroyed sections during the west Kingston incursion in May.

    In 7% of cases deteriorate due is used
    My vision deteriorated due to Stargardt disease so that I couldn't manage anymore.
    The quality of the delivery deteriorates due to physical distance, congested areas along the way, busy servers, and other reasons.
    Due to ever increasing value of coral reef colonies and the strong possibility they will continue to deteriorate due to man-induced and natural problems they will continue to deteriorate.
    When the government's finances deteriorate due to fiscal spending during the crisis and a decrease in tax revenues amid the economic downturn, be wary of the risk of steep inflation in the future.

    In 4% of cases deteriorate after is used
    However, the authorities ' commitment to privatisation is in question as the political environment deteriorated after the presidential elections.
    If your credit record deteriorates after taking out an insurance policy, you may find this is the case at the time of renewal -- or possibly before, if you are the subject of a random check.

    In 4% of cases deteriorate from is used
    It was then that the Labor's position deteriorated from disastrous to catastrophic.

    In 2% of cases deteriorate under is used
    I watched how his body and mind deteriorated under the onslaught of this disease.
    The Olympic Games deteriorated under Roman rule of Greece and were halted in the fourth century.

    In 2% of cases deteriorate during is used
    And we see Clay flourishing until a final deteriorate during least.
    That Hess acts in an abnormal manner, suffers from the loss of memory, and has mentally deteriorated during the Trial, may be true.

    In 2% of cases deteriorate for is used
    Even as the share of Americans in the middle has declined, the income status has improved for some demographic groups and deteriorated for others.

    In 2% of cases deteriorate on is used
    If you wash fruit, dry it well and use promptly because it will deteriorate on standing.

    In 1% of cases deteriorate through is used
    That and my eyesight having deteriorated through severe malnutrition.

    In 1% of cases deteriorate prior is used
    However, the illustrious travelling fair came to a sudden end in 2009 as Johnson's health deteriorated prior to her passing the following January, at the age of 93.

    In 1% of cases deteriorate before is used
    If the temperature is too warm, the pulp may deteriorate before cooling can occur.

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