Prepositions after "devastate"

devastate by, for, after, in or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 61% of cases devastate by is used
    Many English towns were devastated by fire in the Middle Ages.
    The woman told the Sowetan she was devastated by the revelation.
    Jaden's story takes place in the future, when the world is being devastated by frequent monstrous storms.
    Smithville, a town of only 5000, has been devastated by the recent loss of several active duty service members.
    I think you have been checking us out yourself and see how people are being devastated by this illness worldwide.
    The land was devastated by war, the economy destroyed, the country torn by political warfare and guerrilla violence.
    In 1945 he headed the first rescue party to go into Hiroshima after that city had been devastated by the atomic bomb.
    The woman, who is due to give birth next month, is devastated by the discovery that the father of her child is her brother.
    Last night, the organization hosted a report back in San Francisco to discuss their experiences in a country devastated by U.
    Do not cut the few lifelines that exist for women and families devastated by a trauma for which we are notorious around the world.

    In 10% of cases devastate for is used
    I am devastated for you and your family.
    Millions are devastated for a while, of course.
    Couple that with a CPI that in no way tracks the rising cost of living and it's been devastating for America's older population.
    The charges could very well have been criminal and impair my ability to do work in the United States, which would have been devastating for me.
    There has to be a realization sooner or later, consciously or unconsciously, devastating for some and liberating for others, that all cultures are? hybrid?

    In 7% of cases devastate after is used
    I was completely devastated after being told that I will have to go for chemotherapy.
    Improving your diet and getting some exercise will help you look less devastated after a fail relationship.

    In 5% of cases devastate in is used
    The ugly Off the field, Nigeria's sports were devastated in the year with several ugly stories.

    In 3% of cases devastate at is used
    I have even heard of some women with cancer more devastated at the loss of never being able to conceive and carry their own child than the cancer itself.

    In 3% of cases devastate to is used
    G eneral director of the company, Muhamed Gavrankapetanovic, says it was? devastated to a large extent? by the war.

    In 2% of cases devastate because is used
    It is evident that Andi has been devastated because of the recent events.
    These kids feel so socially fragile and they can so easily feel devastated because of their depression that it's hard for them to gain perspective.

    In 1% of cases devastate around is used
    The area devastated around Meteor Crater is approximately 1,000 sq km.

    In 1% of cases devastate as is used
    Jamaica was devastated as the eyewall traversed the entire length of the island.

    In 1% of cases devastate on is used
    Not just devastated on behalf of clergy women -- obviously this will be an enormous blow to clergy women, it's awful for their morale -- but it's a disaster for the Church of England.

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