Prepositions after "disillusion"

"disillusion with" or "disillusion by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 56% of cases disillusion with is used
    However, he said his online network of support has increased as more people have grown disillusioned with GIN.
    In March 1958, the United States government, disillusioned with Batista's performance, suggested he held elections.
    I really need to read more and stop trying to force it - I'd getting a bit disillusioned with the poetry writing at the moment.
    I was born in Newcastle, lived in QLD 22 years and am so disillusioned with league that I am starting to watch AFL more and more.
    Bob will grow ever more disillusioned with the company and will eventually take his talents elsewhere -- seeking out more honorable environs.
    I have been doing the same thing with my pendulum as Eileen above and angel board, had one reading and became slightly disillusioned with my situaton.
    When the Israel suffers military defeat in the future, as the Bible surely teaches, the Jewish people will be disillusioned with the words of these Christians.
    You might well find that what they want is very different from what you thought they'd want! As you can imagine, by this point, I'd become a bit disillusioned with my blog.

    In 28% of cases disillusion by is used
    I consider myself liberal, and I am disillusioned by both candidates.
    Once home, they still feel isolated, frustrated, and disillusioned by their experiences.
    Traffic and suburban sprawl have left whole communities disillusioned by their low quality of life.
    As one GOP fundraiser said, Latinos may have been disillusioned by Obama, but they were absolutely terrified of Romney.
    In the very first meeting that lasted for five hours, the member said they were disillusioned by the choice of the chairman.

    In 3% of cases disillusion after is used
    Many people become disillusioned after investing a great deal of time in a church.

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