Prepositions after "defect"

"defect to" or "defect from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases defect to is used
    He defected to the Katipunan when the Revolution broke out in August 1896.
    He achieved political notoriety as the highest-ranking Labour figure ever to defect to the Conservative party.
    Only one family of less than one million people Jie tribe, defected to the Mongolian plateau north Xianbei people, not Han Chinese killed.
    USA Shaolin Temple 34th Generation Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Ming founded the USA Shaolin Temple in New York in 1994 after defecting to America in 1992.
    Santana was a two-time Cuban national champion before defecting to Miami to follow his girlfriend, Anay, and dreams of winning a world championship.
    Sometimes, this leads men to erroneously assume women agree with opposing positions or are defecting to a rivals camp or being won over by whoever may be speaking at the time.
    The latter was a former Spanish army officer who had defected to the Philippine army and then switched allegiance to the American side; he understood English, Spanish, and the Tagalog dialect,.
    After he was released, Gutirrez-Menoyo defected to Florida, where he set up Cambio Cubano to campaign for peaceful change in Cuba, lobby against the US embargo and call for dialogue with Havana.

    In 23% of cases defect from is used
    Mustelier, who defected from Cuba in 2011, is by no means a prospect.
    Radical youth Kenyan military spokesman Colonel Cyrus Oguna says some Kenyan youths in Somalia have defected from al-Shabab, though not many.
    Imam made his brother Abbas as the flag bearer of the tiny army of 70 persons in all when all of a sudden two more soldiers defected from Yazid? s army.

    In 18% of cases defect in is used
    Just last week, three players of the Cuban national football team defected in Canada ahead of a World Cup qualifier.
    Acts or proceedings of the Corporation deemed not to be invalid by reason of any vacancy, or defect in the appointment, of a member 13.
    We must not assume a similarity in one respect will be accompanied by similarities in others, or that any inconsistency or defect in the comparison is necessarily indicated by this.
    There have been many reported incidents of athletes defecting in the sports world, with a large media focus on ' disappearing ' athletes in major sporting events such as the Olympic Games.

    In 4% of cases defect on is used
    No Republicans defected on the vote.

    In 2% of cases defect at is used
    They defected at one end and took water from the other end.

    In 2% of cases defect because is used
    For example, the presence of switching costs can mean that some seemingly loyal customers are actually dissatisfied but do not defect because of high switching costs.

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