Prepositions after "dig"

"dig into" or "dig in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 36% of cases dig into is used
    He and his committee dug into the facts.
    We also dug into a modest bowl of Mohinga.
    I have yet to dig into their annual reports.
    So much so that at 90 miles I mentioned I was digging into my suit case of courage.
    Just take your time, and if you start to dig into that guy/girl, then start dating him/her.
    That doesn't mean stop digging into the numbers, of course, you never know what's going on.
    We'll dig into the problems facing the industry in Canada and see where we can brainstorm ideas to kickstart the sector.
    At the base of the stairs, Hermione came forward to grab Hedwig while he dug into the cupboard and dragged his trunk out.
    Thanks for reading babe xxx I'd a red-blooded Kiwi man who like nothing better than digging into a big piece of steak.
    I was the one standing on a picture of the Great Wall ), this is sort of like digging into your parents ' old love letters.

    In 16% of cases dig in is used
    Now I am dug in so deep I can't move upwards.
    So far, the Germans have dug in their heels and refused.
    We have dug in deep to understand the psyche of our audience.
    A hole is dug in the ground and the person is buried sitting only with his head above the ground.
    Collectors should, therefore only dig in good, free soil, in moisture and shade, from meadow-land.
    You could use a hole dug in the ground with some form of sealant, or a natural water-holding formation such as a basin within stone.
    He relates the story of how the entire country of Armenia? s Internet connection is severed by an old woman digging in her garden.
    I find lots of stuff now revolves around other parents and kids and overnight functions so we can dig in a bit and not worry about getting home.
    It turns out they're beating the bushes and digging in the couch cushions to try to find financial support for their upcoming election drive.

    In 12% of cases dig through is used
    They dug through public records.
    Am also digging through my stored files.
    Lately I've been digging through the Inc.
    Adam and I *jumped* at this chance to explore someone's house and dig through old stuff.
    I dug through my orphan blocks to see if there was anything to jump start a new project.
    He cracked open the crate and dug through the packing peanuts, sweeping them onto the floor.
    Yet again, you've inspired me with your combinations, Zoe! Time to go dig through my closet for some lookalike pieces.
    Fifth graders at Coloma Middle School spent this afternoon digging through trash, an activity that turned out to be not so pretty.
    Here are a few more ideas: For the Survivalist: dig through Garbage Cans and Make Meals from Almost Nothing Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

    In 11% of cases dig for is used
    People dig for news and then share it.
    I so have to start digging for more abandonware.
    If she's digging for gold, she should be moving on.
    Foundations of these old buildings were, in the year 1940, unearthed while digging for a main pipe.
    We normally dug for about six hours at a time, during the interval between morning and evening roll call.
    Voters will be swayed by the media because many of them are too lazy to go digging for answers themselves.
    I read long, long ago that in a coalmine, while the workers were digging for coal, a frog came out from the coal and jumped and died.
    They sit around at strategy meetings and think up names, slurs and actually dig for crap on these folks instead of working to make this place better for us.
    Lots of interesting developments in the Ben Needham case over the last few days, with South Yorkshire Police now finally on Kos and beginning to dig for evidence of Ben.
    dig for Victory! However, the Environment Secretary of Britain, Hillary Benn, says that the country needs genetically-modified (GM) foods in order to ensure food security.

    In 4% of cases dig out is used
    All items were second hand, dug out of my suitcase as I was being told off for not being ready sooner.
    Formation of the Lakes The formation of many of the higher lakes goes back to the last Ice Age when huge hollows were dug out of mountainsides by glaciers.
    To say nothing of the governments across the country falling A over T in an effort to flog as much coal as can be dug out of the ground as quickly as possible.

    In 3% of cases dig at is used
    Holden watched, fascinated, as the manipulator dug at the asteroid.
    Lots of new houses had been built on the bank and the deep trench had been dug at the edge of marsh.
    That if you dug at the bottom of the ocean, the ocean could spring a leak, and all the seas would drain away.
    But little family conflicts - sibling rivalry conflict, digging at each other kind of thing -- I just can't handle that.
    In the following weeks he prospected his land with pick and dowsing rod in order to find underground water sources and dug at several sites.
    Video footage demonstrates that may animals were still alive when they were thrown into trenches dug at the importer's farmhouse in Razzaqabad.
    In each of these games, the goal seems to be to take videogame storytelling beyond the average cookie-cutter action heroes in order to dig at deeper emotions and motivations.

    In 3% of cases dig by is used
    The uniformed men opened bags and spilled underwear and socks in the muddy trenches dug by the Land Rovers ' tyres.
    He was promoted to additional dig and was transferred to Barisal but not before all his batch mates had been made dig by that time.
    The graveyards were constructed on local religious or community owned or used land and dug by local residents at the coercion of security personnel.
    And after all, which of us could easily describe essential differences between two holes dug by a child in the sand at the beach? Though the child probably could.
    We began working the alluvial deposit, with particular attention to areas covered by soft sand that had made the terrain too dangerous or expensive to dig by hand.
    The decision to leave Rio Ferdinand at home was at first sight a bad move but the consistent hole digging by the FA and Hodgson since has turned it into a farce.

    In 3% of cases dig from is used
    First, the cassava was dug from the ground, scraped and cut into small pieces.
    If you check it out on a globe, most tunnels dug from Europe, the US or Africa would end up in the ocean.
    Or Cameron has been sent by the oil lobby to fight for their interest as oil is soon to be dug from Somali regions.

    In 2% of cases dig with is used
    The first is called ' Lahad ' and this is a side pocket grave facing Qibla and the grave is dug with this pocket grave and the dead is placed in the pocket grave.
    Ever tried to get something out of your back pocket while sitting down? I half-stand up, bracing myself with my left arm on the armrest, digging with my right.

    In 1% of cases dig inside is used
    Again dig inside the hole at the center in such a way that could hold a wide mouth porcelain.

    In 1% of cases dig up is used
    Likewise, if we're really about to run out of oil, spending huge sums of capital to dig up most of Alberta (for oil sands) and mandating electric cars might be sensible policies.
    As many other people have pointed out, 4G mobile phone base stations are expensive enough that the cost of getting fibre to them isn't ridiculous even if you have to dig up a road.

    In 1% of cases dig under is used
    Afterwards, in the 1850s sewers were dug under the town and a piped water supply was created.
    Tell me some more, please, miss--tell me about the subt'ranean passage we've dug under the walls.

    In 1% of cases dig to is used
    At the very least, it seems a little hasty to be electing dig to a kind of planning hall of fame, with all the connotations of best practice learning that attend to such an esteemed award.

    In 1% of cases dig on is used
    There's no dirt to dig on Romney.
    How these tanks build? To start building the tank the engineer, and his team work, dug on a solid level well packed area and mark out circle of 2.
    I was digging on the tunnel used in the escape from the beginning and will do my best give you some ideas of the difficulties and organisation needed to complete the escape.

    In 1% of cases dig about is used
    After digging about 100 feet it became hard pulling the trolley so we built what we called a halfway house.

    In 1% of cases dig beneath is used
    But even though students hammered in dividers, the octopuses found ways to dig beneath them -- and eat each other.

    In 1% of cases dig as is used
    The ground was dug as for a grave; the seed of Protestantism was cast into that soil; and the blood of the nation was poured in, to warm it and bring it forth.

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