Prepositions after "dabble"

"dabble in" or "dabble with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 77% of cases dabble in is used
    I detest women who dabble in politics.
    In some ways he has dabbled in journalism.
    Up to now, you have been dabbling in this and that.
    Regardless of whether you have it completed professionally, or dabble in your own creations.
    There he was converted to Zen Buddhism and vegetarianism and dabbled in hallucinogenic drugs.
    And where are you going to find any of those? We all dabble in politics of one sort or another.
    About the author Alasdair Shaw dabbled in Who throughout the 80s, but didn't really get into it properly until 1989.
    In 1964, after dabbling in science-fiction writing, he published The Prospect of Immortality, cryonics ' founding text.
    I guess she's all grown up now and involved in anti-bioterrorism after her parents met their gruesome fate dabbling in it.
    The TNA is more in touch with the nuances of the local politics and quite apt at dabbling in it, than anyone in the diaspora.

    In 18% of cases dabble with is used
    Perhaps you are dabbling with the idea of being a biker, or perhaps you are a newly minted biker.
    Neither is Sun dabbling with concepts creeping into tools from companies like Borland or Rational.
    He dabbled with bugs that blinked and abstract creatures whose heads lit up and cast long overlapping shadows.
    We dabbled with potty training starting at 18 months, quickly abandoned all efforts, and tried again at 2 years.
    I've seen many families while dining out, the younger ones would be dabbling with their Smartphones while the old folk would be staring blankly in space.
    He spends his lives and times in dabbling with histrionics that can guarantee him the status of an immortal entertainer, a status he is inching close to.
    I'd now dabbling with MailChimp, thinking about Path, and waiting for the iPhone 5 to get into Instagram and Pinterest, as my Blackberry camera just sucks.
    In my years as a photographer, I have worked all over the world and I have dabbled with fashion, I have dabbled with advertising, I have dabbled with conceptual work.
    I dabbled with a warrior, elementalist and Ranger but the class I played the most and fell in love with was a my heavy armor wearing Guardian who I managed to level to level 23.
    After dabbling with multiple potential follow-up projects since wrapping up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 last year, Yates finally settled on Tarzan as his next film.

    In 3% of cases dabble into is used
    Here are some lessons we learned after years of dabbling into this risky and scam-filled arena.
    They also dabbled into employing intellectual producers, the likes of Laolu Akins and Femi Ojetunde.
    She went from singing into dabbling into dejaying and found out she really had the crowd going when she did.

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