English Preposition after verb start on letter A and How to Use Them

awaken to, by, from, in or at? await for, in, with, on or at? "avoid by", "avoid at" or "avoid in"? avail of, to, by, on or against? authorize by, in, for, under or on? authorise by, in, for, under or as? augment by, with, in, for or on? audition for, with, before, on or at? attract to, by, in, towards or for? attest to, by, in, from or at? "attend to" or "attend by"? attempt to, in, at, on or by? "attain to" or "attain by"? attack by, on, in, with or for? assure of, by, in, to or for? "assume by" or "assume for"? "assist in" or "assist with"? "assimilate into" or "assimilate to"? assign to, by, for, in or as? "assess by" or "assess on"? "assemble in", "assemble by" or "assemble at"? "assassinate in" or "assassinate by"? "aspire to" or "aspire for"? "ask for" or "ask about"? ascend to, into, in, from or on? "articulate in" or "articulate by"? "arrive at" or "arrive in"? arrest for, in, on, by or at? "arrange for" or "arrange in"? "arise from" or "arise in"? "argue with" or "argue for"? archive for, at, in, by or on? "approve by" or "approve of"? "appreciate by", "appreciate for" or "appreciate in"? "appoint by" or "appoint to"? "apply to" or "apply for"? "applaud by" or "applaud for"? append to, at, with, as or by? "appear in" or "appear on"? appeal to, for, against, by or from? "appall by" or "appall at"? "app for" or "app on"? "apologize for" or "apologize to"? "anticipate by" or "anticipate in"? answer to, in, by, for or with? annoy by, for, to, about or at? announce in, on, by, to or at? "annex to" or "annex by"? "animate by" or "animate in"? "anger by" or "anger at"? "analyze by", "analyze for" or "analyze in"? "analyse by" or "analyse in"? amuse by, for, to, after or in? amplify by, in, for, from or into? "amend by" or "amend in"? "amaze at" or "amaze by"? "alternate between" or "alternate with"? "alter by" or "alter in"? allow for, in, to, by or into? "allot to" or "allot for"? "allocate to" or "allocate for"? allege in, by, during, at or against? "align with" or "align to"? "alight from" or "alight at"? alienate from, by, due, for or in? alert to, by, for, on or in? alarm by, for, at, to or about? "aim at" or "aim for"? agree with, to, on, upon or in? agitate for, by, against, on or in? aggravate by, in, to, as or with? "afford to" or "afford by"? "afflict with" or "afflict by"? "affirm in" or "affirm by"? affect by, in, with, on or to? advocate for, by, in, on or against? advise on, by, of, against or to? "advertise on" or "advertise in"? "advance to" or "advance in"? adorn with, by, in, according or among? "adopt by" or "adopt in"? admit to, in, into, as or at? "admire by", "admire in" or "admire for"? "administer by" or "administer to"? "adjust to" or "adjust for"? "address to", "address in" or "address by"? add to, in, up, on or as? adapt to, from, for, by or into? "activate by" or "activate in"? act as, in, on, like or upon? "acquire by" or "acquire in"? "acquiesce to" or "acquiesce in"? acknowledge by, in, as, for or at? "achieve by" or "achieve in"? ache for, from, with, by or following? accuse of, by, in, for or with? accumulate in, over, to, on or by? "accrue to", "accrue in" or "accrue from"? accredit by, to, with, in or as? "accord to" or "accord with"? "accomplish by" or "accomplish in"? "accommodate in", "accommodate for" or "accommodate to"? accept by, in, as, for or into? accentuate by, with, in or under? "accelerate by", "accelerate to" or "accelerate in"? "absorb by", "absorb into" or "absorb in"? "abound in" or "abound with"? "abolish in" or "abolish by"? abide by, in, with, to or on? "abduct by", "abduct in" or "abduct from"? abandon, by, abandon, in
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