Prepositions after "detect"

"detect by" or "detect in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases detect by is used
    A shiny rim may be detected by stretching the affected skin.
    Vibrations are detected by the legs and bristles along the body.
    Gamow, and experimentally detected by Penzias and Wilson in 1965.
    Nitrous oxide is an odourless and colourless gas and can only be detected by WAG monitor.
    They respond to air movements and ground vibrations which are detected by hairs on the body and cerci.
    Both IgG and IgM antibodies to Babesia can be detected by indirect fluorescent antibody assay 390, 391.
    By 7 to 9 months and into the second year, infant angry expressions are more frequently detected by adult caregivers.
    This process functions as follows: the membrane movement is detected by a sensor and matched with the electrical signal.
    But noPhoto is designed to minimize the viewing angle, so that the flash can only be detected by an elevated traffic camera.
    In addition, IFN? mRNA was detected by the use of RT-PCR with primers for IFN? mRNA and TNF? was detected by using the ELISA technique.

    In 29% of cases detect in is used
    TNF? was detected in 100% of samples in the DIEM group.
    Antibody could not be detected in the remaining children.
    Some cheap influence from Jarre may be detected in the bouncy bass.
    Explanation: One MQSeries listener detected in the system is scheduled for shutdown.
    Explanation: &1; MQSeries listeners detected in the system are scheduled for shutdown.
    This doctrine originated in American law but can also be detected in Article 86 EC Treaty.
    Large amounts of DDT were sprayed all over the island and its metabolites continue to be detected in the food chain.
    And undoubtedly, if this principle is found in his eternal essence, it will be detected in the preeminent word of who he is.
    The chlorine 37 nucleus captures a neutrino and emits an electron, producing argon 37, which is then detected in a complex process.
    According to ESET researchers more than 650 versions of the exploit code were detected in January, all of them as **31;4131;TOOLONG.

    In 7% of cases detect as is used
    Connie was first detected as a tropical storm over the tropical Atlantic on August 3.
    Hurricane Opal 1995 Opal was first detected as a tropical wave moving off the African coast on September 11.
    Tropical Storm Alberto 1994 Alberto was first detected as a tropical wave that moved off the African coast on 18 June.
    Tropical Storm Claudette 1979 Claudette was first detected as a tropical wave that moved off the African coast on July 11.
    Hurricane Hugo 1989 This classic Cape Verde hurricane was first detected as a tropical wave emerging from the coast of Africa on September 9.

    In 5% of cases detect on is used
    No life has been detected on it.
    It continued into the Atlantic, becoming extratropical on the 7th and last being detected on the 10th.
    However, no difference between populations from control fields and problem fields was detected on Cry34/35Ab1 maize (F<0.

    In 4% of cases detect with is used
    Nearly 20 percent of cancers detected with screening mammography were found in women in their 40s.
    Even invasive thymomas are not always detected with imaging tests and have been discovered during thymectomy surgery.
    In the eye, no toxic effects have been detected with doses of up to 100 micrograms/eye/day in rabbits or monkeys (clinical dose is approximately 1.
    Since humans are not sensitive to sound frequencies over about 20 kHz, the theoretical threshold for an object that we could detect with sound is about 2 cm.
    Inspector Martin Harrington gave evidence that Geraldine Carroll, of 45 Railway View, Roscrea, was detected with 69mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath, at Patrick Street,.
    While the central themes are evident from the beginning, we can nonetheless detect with a critical eye how the edited novel was moulded to reflect the adult views of Mary Shelley.

    In 3% of cases detect at is used
    Bowel cancer is curable if it is detected at an early stage.
    On further scrutiny, power pilferage was detected at the unit, he said adding fines as per rules had been imposed on the unit.
    Moreover the Organizations confirmed that there is no health risk associated with increased levels of radiation that have been detected at some airports.

    In 3% of cases detect for is used
    AMQ9504 A protocol error was detected for channel ' &3'.
    Formal instruction in data sharing also tended to be associated with withholding, with significant associations detected for verbal and publishing withholding among geneticists.

    In 3% of cases detect from is used
    Small variations in total solar irradiance have been detected from satellite based radiometers over the last 20 years.
    They will not enter Paradise nor even smell its fragrance, although its fragrance may be detected from such and such a distance.
    Although these may improve patient health or prevent adverse events, their benefits may be too small to detect from observation, yet they are strongly supported as quality indicators.

    In 3% of cases detect over is used
    Diane was first detected over the tropical Atlantic on August 7.
    Hurricane Audrey 1957 Audrey was first detected over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico on June 24.
    Hurricane Agnes 1972 The large disturbance that became Agnes was first detected over the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico on June 14.
    San Felipe-Okeechobee Hurricane 1928 This classic Cape Verde hurricane was first detected over the tropical Atlantic on September 10, although it likely formed several days earlier.

    In 2% of cases detect through is used
    Remarks: The revolving speed of YANMA engine is detected through detecting the pulse signal from the neutral point of the generator.

    In 1% of cases detect about is used
    Reformed Broker is using Cloudflare, which is blocking access from tor relays and recording everything it can detect about the browser and operating system.

    In 1% of cases detect within is used
    No successful gets or puts have been detected within an interval which is greater than the limit specified in the QServiceInterval attribute.

    In 1% of cases detect until is used
    Significant hazards are those which may cause severe harm dependent on an employee's exposure, or harm that can not be detected until a significant time exposure.

    In 1% of cases detect prior is used
    Treatment &; care Congenital diseases are typically present at birth, but with the advent of three-dimensional sonograms, congenital diseases may be detected prior to birth.

    In 1% of cases detect near is used
    Atlantic-Gulf Hurricane 1919 This fearsome cyclone was first detected near the Lesser Antilles on September 2.

    In 1% of cases detect inside is used
    The engine can be started by turning the ignition switch once the Intelligent Key is detected inside the car.

    In 1% of cases detect during is used
    Several other relationships between the NDVI and the moisture index were detected during the calibration study.

    In 1% of cases detect between is used
    No significant correlation was detected between frequency with which Cry34/35Ab1 maize was cultivated and survival on Cry34/35Ab1 maize (r =? 0.
    A similar relationship was detected between the degree of development of local Internet networks and the level of international prices in developing economies.

    In 1% of cases detect below is used
    Minima of the NDVI were detected below which growing period conditions (ie P+S > 0.

    In 1% of cases detect after is used
    The gall midge biotype detected after 1986 is termed as biotype II.

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