Prepositions after "deviate"

deviate from, in, away, before or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 89% of cases deviate from is used
    But now he deviates from David's style.
    Pick an eating time and don't deviate from it.
    I'd not talking about deviating from standards here.
    He then continued his exercise of the presence of God as if he had never deviated from it.
    The quadrupole moment is exceedingly small and does not make the sun deviate from free fall.
    But we have, I am sorry to say, sometimes deviated from the right path in the opposite direction.
    So will the euro survive? Mr Delors does not, of course, deviate from his belief in the European single currency.
    Therefore in conclusion it might be said that Maneka has both been deviated from ina substantial number of cases.
    I have no idea what we typed in, and I'd sure we never intentionally deviated from the code listed in the magazine.
    Below are examples of synonymous pairs of words of the same grammatical category which deviate from each other syntactically.

    In 3% of cases deviate in is used
    During my performance, I did not deviate in any way from the rehearsed set.
    Everyone appreciates, but deviated in some cases depending upon the situation.
    One of the strategies was to let Arsene carry the weight! But let us not get the topic deviated in that direction, because it is a very widely known fact.

    In 1% of cases deviate by is used
    You are the one deviating by devoting so much space to dwell on Muhammad's marriages.

    In 1% of cases deviate to is used
    It's not like we've deviated to some dark corner of young popular culture or ever tried to be fashionable, really.

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