Prepositions after "diverge"

diverge from, in, after, at or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 71% of cases diverge from is used
    However, I fundamentally diverge from you on the issue of helmets.
    By the time I returned, in 2004, Russia was diverging from the script.
    Increasingly, also, military policy was diverging from that of the Department of State.
    This is where the crisis in Spain I think really diverges from that we have seen in the UK.
    Interestingly the Dutch chose to diverge from the motor industries utopian dream, we did not.
    The main reason why an Icon-like VM must diverge from standard VM principles is due to failure.
    There is also an alternative Red Dwarf Timeline which explicitly diverges from the one listed above.
    She is diverging from his serious genre for this movie and trying to given a perfect character face.
    So, there is a chance that over a period of time, what the atmosphere does, diverges from what it would have done.
    Consequently, government IT spending intensity is beginning to diverge from traditional operational spending trends.

    In 7% of cases diverge in is used
    Among these lineages is the one that molecular data suggest was earliest to diverge in the family, the caesalpinioid tribe Cercideae.
    Indeed, inequality is a corollary of freedom: people with different abilities and preferences will naturally diverge in terms of socioeconomic achievement.

    In 4% of cases diverge after is used
    The young Bowker and young O'Brien were on parallel tracks that completely diverged after the war.

    In 4% of cases diverge by is used
    The PAM 250 matrix This is appropriate for searching for alignments of sequence that have diverged by 250 PAMs, 250 mutations per 100 amino acids of sequence.

    In 4% of cases diverge with is used
    But like the other aspects of his life this concept of a creator diverge with the passing of civilization.

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