Prepositions after "assure"

assure of, by, in, to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases assure of is used
    We can be assured of a place in heaven.
    Americans need to be assured of the integrity of the process.
    And here Saudi Arabia are already assured of a higher finish.
    Try to remain steadfast in repentance, and be assured of divine mercy and forgiveness.
    We are assured of a place in heaven - a perfect place without sickness, pain or hunger.
    U are assured of tremendous benefits as u become a full member in this live-changing platform.
    Even as shopping remains an expensive effort, tourists and visitors are assured of good quality of products in Swiss.
    Show sympathy: A woman, whether PMSing or not, simply wants to be assured of the fact that her significant other gets her.
    One thing we could be assured of is if a Republican was president right now he would have assured there was ARMED security.
    The administration is probably assured of the votes of the court's four more liberal members, and it needs one more to win the case.

    In 15% of cases assure by is used
    Nice to be reined in and be assured by the long sighted.
    I am assured by men competent to speak that the Jews are exceedingly active in politics.
    If I thought changing ISPs would help, I would, but have been assured by Sky that this will not help.
    In and out it went for months and every time I got it back from Hardies I was assured by the service manager it was OK.
    OK, they're Kestrel, so we should have lifted them earlier, but I was assured by my resident potato expert, that leaving them in the ground should do no harm.
    As long as they were making money hand over fist, no one worried that the party would come crashing down on all of us - and they were assured by their attorneys that nothing they did was illegal.

    In 6% of cases assure in is used
    We long for meaning and sense to our trials, to know and be assured in some small part that our suffering is not in vain.
    Your privacy &; security are assured in a relaxed &; romantic setting where you can forget the pressures &; cares of daily life.
    However, complete confidentiality and security is not yet possible over the Internet, and privacy can not be assured in your communications to us.

    In 4% of cases assure to is used
    What matters most is to be assured to you will get what you truly deserve.
    Success is assured to you but after some period of anxiety and more struggles.
    All round prosperity and gains are assured to both the employed and those in business.

    In 2% of cases assure for is used
    Instant domination is not assured for everything.
    As such, term life insurance provides the maximum protection on the life assured for a specified number of years.
    During online shopping and net banking also, people should take care not to reveal the personal information without being assured for the security of your information.

    In 2% of cases assure through is used
    We both hail from large families, in which continuation of the family name is assured through siblings and cousins.
    Lookup alluring and in addition assured through putting on the lessen which in turn suits your recent individuality ans confront condition.

    In 1% of cases assure at is used
    Those votes are almost assured at this point, no matter how close to the center you get (because they won't vote Dem at this point.

    In 1% of cases assure during is used
    Financial growth and stability is assured during this year.

    In 1% of cases assure less is used
    If the insured dies, the sum assured less any outstanding policy loans are payable to beneficiary.

    In 1% of cases assure on is used
    Ideally reading these guidelines by way of, you are feeling a little bit more clear and assured on how to take care of such is important.

    In 1% of cases assure with is used
    The Box Hill side always looks more assured with Gilham in the 22.

    In 1% of cases assure within is used
    Moderate fees combined with flexible payment plans bring this quality education and assures within easy financial reach of most families.

    In 1% of cases assure without is used
    The return swing of the pendulum is assured without fail and there is no escape from the effects of this immutable law.

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