Prepositions after "accord"

"accord to" or "accord with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases accord to is used
    I'll accept any try only according to the rule book.
    So according to that, I am a better muslim than they are.
    At the Farewell accorded to him about the latter part of 1959, Mr.
    Atonement lies in living according to the words of Jesus and not his blood or death.
    In our day to day interactions all I ask for is the basic respect accorded to others.
    And each held by the arguments, most of them only according to Han and Tang Wei literature.
    Broadcast laundry, bedraggled dishes, abounding wastebaskets, all can accord to the amiss affectionate of impression.
    For example, a human could be reborn as a human, as an animal, or perhaps as a heaven being, according to its kamrna.
    Lucifer knew the laws of God and he suggested to Jesus to do things which are impossible according to the laws of God.

    In 32% of cases accord with is used
    In just the same way, our acts must accord with the nuclear age.
    This accords with the custom of Pythagoras, who thus distinguished his pupils.
    The Lotus Sutra accords with the fashion of the preaching employed by all Buddhas of the three existences.
    It accords with our values, the right to free association, free thought and free action ' is ' what we are all about.
    As it was already mentioned the prices can differ according with the type of Spanish translation you need to be done.
    And its 1979 Camp David accords with Israel remain the cornerstone of what peace has been achieved in the turbulent region.
    The APRD, which signed peace accords with the authorities in 2008, charged that the government was violating the agreements.
    I think free will is the ability to choose to enact a course of action that we think will have results that accord with our desires.
    It must also ensure that the working of management accords with these intentions and that there is proper coordination within the framework established.

    In 5% of cases accord in is used
    Cork, Ireland first and then Rochefort en accords in France.
    Henry Kissinger, the US Secretary of State initiated ' shuttle diplomacy ' which, in fact, resulted in signing the Camp David accords in 1978.

    In 4% of cases accord by is used
    I recall the warm welcome accorded by the people of Ceylon to the Egyptian Leader Orabi Pasha in 1883.
    Approval will be accorded by the State Bank on the original copy of the application with the following narration.
    We were especially thrilled to spend some time with the Prime Minister of Canada and very pleased with the attention, interest and respect that we were accorded by the Prime Minister.

    In 2% of cases accord for is used
    The bucks you are able to take advantage out of this financial loan can be varies of £100; to £1500; according for you.
    Tough timing eh Mr Poos? It only took another 4 years of war combined with the American brokered Dayton accords for Europe's hour to arrive, which means it wasn't only the timing Mr Poos got wrong.

    In 2% of cases accord on is used
    Web space and services will automatically be billed one (1) month in advance according on the selected fee schedule associated with the web hosting plan.
    On Sunday, Israel's Housing and Construction Minister Ariel Attias responded to Saif Al-Dawla's remarks by noting that Morsi had publicly defended the peace accords on more than one occasion.

    In 1% of cases accord among is used
    Demafouth agreed to take the leadership of the APRD in 2008 and bring the rebels into a process that led to the signing of the peace accords among most rebel groups and Bozize's regime.

    In 1% of cases accord between is used
    In 1993, it even opposed the Oslo accords between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

    In 1% of cases accord towards is used
    Types are denoted according towards the place of incision.

    In 1% of cases accord under is used
    The punishment accorded under this section is severe and the maximum term which can be imposed is 2 years.

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