Prepositions after "await"

await for, in, with, on or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases await for is used
    The other six await for us in His paradise.
    The fans awaited for the next rising star.
    Smart tv is being much awaited for in Cape coast.
    We eagerly await for your return and hope you will give us another chance to make you happier.
    The recommendations have been awaited for some time and there are already rumours about what they comprise.
    Nevethless we eagerly await for your return and hope to serve you in a far better way to compensate the ' here.
    Can you imagine a BG who can not distinguish a stop job which > strike and have to await for clearance to report.
    Buruchara: (laughing) Sic, about my hunch, I believe that we are the winning applicant and yes am confident more than ever that we shall deliver what Africa has for long awaited for.
    Posted by   on (November 19 2012, 20:00 PM GMT) &; as a supporter i sometimes feel happy when i see someone in the national sting whom i admired &; whose entry was well awaited for me.
    Before it's glossy launch on 19th November, a lot of dithering and to-ing and fro-ing has earned it a sense of mistrust as we are awaiting for another layer to be added, which supersedes it again.

    In 11% of cases await in is used
    By March, the feast is over but another, smaller feast sometimes awaits in autumn.
    There were small groups in Banteer and Millstreet, but, as always, a big, colourful and vocal crowd was awaiting in Rathmore.

    In 10% of cases await with is used
    I await with dread to discover what hideous extrusion of cookie-cutter marketing will replace it.
    As the House resumes plenary this week, Nigerians await with fingers crossed, to see if the promise of the chairman that the report will be presented to the House is fulfilled.

    In 8% of cases await on is used
    Now awaiting on whether I get past this and go to trial or they get judgement.

    In 6% of cases await at is used
    But the Arsenal are calling and a ticket with my name on it awaits at The Grove.
    Together, the automatic tax increase and the so-called budget sequestration make up the fiscal cliff that awaits at the end of the year.

    In 6% of cases await by is used
    A paper coming from this initiative is expected to be distributed informally on Tuesday or Wednesday and is eagerly awaited by many delegations.

    In 2% of cases await inside is used
    And there are many wonders awaiting inside Mesa Lab you can all also enjoy.

    In 2% of cases await like is used
    Even in Metro Manila, surprises awaited like hiking in LaMesa Ecopark, part of an important effort to protect the area's watershed.

    In 2% of cases await re is used
    The Marvellous Masai Mara 05/11/2010 The much awaited re opening of the Exploreans Mara Rianta camp has been confirmed for May 2011.

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