Prepositions after "accentuate"

accentuate by, with, in or under?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 76% of cases accentuate by is used
    The problem was accentuated by differences of language.
    The crab is accentuated by spice in just the perfect (in my mind) combination.
    Particularly at night the Ashram emanated an almost eerie feeling, which was accentuated by the monsoon rains and by the ensuing dampness.
    The archetypal length on the shophouse is visually accentuated by the long, heated lap pool on the ground floor, replete with deck chairs.
    This sense of? otherness? - accentuated by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross? unnerving score - is the film? s weakness as well as its strength.
    With pronounced shoulder lines, New Clio's coup-like silhouette is accentuated by integrated rear door handles concealed close to the rear quarter lights.
    Then, as the sun reluctantly slides behind the distant Adirondack Mountains, a hush shrouds the valley below, only accentuated by the faraway tinkle of a cowbell.
    The car's inherent width is accentuated by the ' light catcher ' feature which runs from the lower front bumper and continues along the sill of the car creating a chiselled, determined look.

    In 12% of cases accentuate with is used
    Choose those in solid colors which you can accentuate with a thin to medium-size belt.
    That's a good sign of dermal fillers - or at least it looks to me like perhaps she had the outline or borders of her lips accentuated with filler.

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