Prepositions after "ache"

ache for, from, with, by or following?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases ache for is used
    You're aching for your adversary.
    Something in me aches for this man.
    That is what these parts are aching for.
    Please know that my heart just aches for your family.
    I managed to do it, but ached for few days afterwards.
    Broken nasal bones may hurt or ache for up to eight weeks.
    Your heart aches for the entire two-?? and-?? a-?? half hours.
    It aches for the coming -- it can hardly wait! And it doesn't lie.
    My heart aches for those who are involved in the lifestyle, and their families.
    I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart?? s longing.

    In 7% of cases ache from is used
    This garment is designed to provide special support to those who are on their feet a lot, experience annoying back aches from being behind the wheel of a vehicle, or do a lot of bending and stooping.

    In 7% of cases ache with is used
    After what felt like an eternity the pain released him, and he lay helplessly on the concrete, his mind reeling and his body aching with the phantom aftereffects of the Cruciatus Curse.

    In 5% of cases ache by is used
    My heart quite literally ached by the abandonment that was going to happen.

    In 2% of cases ache following is used
    A number of people produce head aches following exercising.

    In 2% of cases ache in is used
    But aching in the body and the chest.

    In 2% of cases ache into is used
    He knew how to roll, knead, pound, and stretch the knots and aches into oblivion.

    In 2% of cases ache like is used
    I did what I had to do, who really wants to go all there life living like that and some people don't no why they head is aching like that but I'd here to tell you.

    In 2% of cases ache over is used
    Although his employer supported the government, Naser's heart ached over the casualties inflicted on civilians by both sides.

    In 2% of cases ache to is used
    My heart aches to the breaking point.

    In 2% of cases ache without is used
    My body aches without resolve, as it has been hours before the light of consciousness befell upon my eyes.

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