Prepositions after "archive"

archive for, at, in, by or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 11% of cases archive at is used
    Our tracking data on campaign coverage is archived at http: **35;428;TOOLONG.
    Previous shows are archived at YouTube and can be found by searching for Ellis by name.
    They have created an archive of their weekly ice charts, which is archived at NSIDC: http: **28;12546;TOOLONG.

    In 9% of cases archive in is used
    The Internet also differs from libraries and data archive in that information is not stored centrally, but distributed across inter-operating computer networks.
    That one test that proves to be wrong the theory that added atmospheric carbon dioxide causes global warming was run on the planet computer and the results are archived in the Vostok ice cores.

    In 5% of cases archive by is used
    Their story is one of those now being digitally archived by the government of the Netherlands and Yad Vashem, in cooperation.

    In 5% of cases archive on is used
    archiving on any other web site or newspaper is unauthorized except with a Written Approval by USAfricaonline.
    As well as displaying the posters and discussing them in a poster session, it is hoped that this material can be collected and archived on the Society's website as a readily accessible resource.

    In 4% of cases archive to is used
    By automatically extracting these time stamps we can piece together a view of Blogspace evolving continuously from the beginning of blog archiving to the present.

    In 4% of cases archive with is used
    IMG Media also maintains the world's largest sports archive with more than 250,000 hours of footage.
    NOTE - Random strings of text result from the page being archived with all text, including navigation and any ' ALT text ' for images.

    In 2% of cases archive according is used
    With the aim of drastically reducing the workload of email servers, MailStore Server can delete emails once they have been archived according to a rule-based process (e.

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