Prepositions after "anger"

"anger by" or "anger at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 38% of cases anger by is used
    Embassy was attacked, who were angered by the film.
    Carl Rowan was angered by the ideas of some young blacks.
    Therefore, it is certain that God is angered by the fact that His Laws have been rejected.
    angered by false claims that she stole another woman's husband, Charmaine contacted Tony and Mrs.
    The news has been greeted with disappointment and anger by farmers ' groups and public representatives.
    Jan admitted that PAC members had been angered by the PPP's refusal to acknowledge its connection to the committee.
    Jim Mitchell, a CAW representative, said the workers are angered by the lack of a deal and are seeking redress under the law.
    The majority of the people, politicians, the then Prime Minister, many cabinet Ministers and the present President were angered by India.
    Hi, Can someone help me out with a word here? I am disturbed and angered by many of the practices of Islamic states and some ideas expressed in the Koran.

    In 18% of cases anger at is used
    However, I think that your anger at your situation is showing.
    She, out of paranoia, and I, out of embarrassment and anger at who she had become.
    In fact, it was when the soldiers turned their guns and anger at civilians that we kicked against them.
    The Muslim were so angered at this incident that Rasulullah ordered the siege of their fortress in Madinah.
    It seems most of us have descended to the level of a mob, directing our fury and anger at whoever does not tow the line.
    You shouldn't dishonestly try to hijack fairly apolitical public shock and anger at specific comments for which Jones has apologised.
    Possibly a bit of frustration and anger at the various leaks and stunts from Anfield these past few months? suarez was walking to the changing rooms and hardly looked at Evra.

    In 10% of cases anger in is used
    It seems we have so much hate and anger in our lives.
    Different people express their anger in different ways.
    But you rightly point out that I haven't the moral right to express that anger in the way I did.
    anger in staff members is no different from anger in patients or family - each staff person is unique and each staff person's anger is separate from all others.
    There was much anger in England when the series was retrospectively given test status, many arguing that it wasn't a full England side if Grace wasn't taking part.
    This may mean that anger in the general population is severely under-managed and as a result may have detrimental effects on family, work and overall wellbeing for a great many people.

    In 5% of cases anger to is used
    So it must have been a source of dismay and anger to Liverpudlians when they heard Boris Johnson being.
    Instead of getting angry at Rick Ross, Channel your energy and anger to the crazy officials you elected.

    In 4% of cases anger with is used
    At this point (line 716) we notice how much of the Tale has concentrated on emotions of hatred, fear, hostility and anger with love so abstract and unreal as to form a very weak contrast.

    In 4% of cases anger for is used
    He may, however, cause sorrow and anger for the hypocrites and disappointments for the unbelievers.
    I wanted so badly to feel happiness, but whenever I did I immediately felt guilt and anger for feeling that way.

    In 4% of cases anger on is used
    When he really wanted to turn that anger on those that deserved it.
    The one thing he managed to do was to leave without waking Cordy for fear that he might turn that anger on her.
    Brazilian right back Maicon has said that even Mancini is quite vocal while venting out his frustrations or anger on the team.

    In 3% of cases anger against is used
    It's hard not to let that anger against the whole come through when you're talking about a representative piece of that whole.
    Hatred for other races and communities, ambition to achieve independence, anger against corrupt systems and poverty are just some of the issues leading people to adopt violence.

    In 3% of cases anger towards is used
    Such venom and anger towards a person who promoted to him to an exalted position just because he did not gat more promotions.

    In 2% of cases anger from is used
    The room was filled with different emotions, mostly anger from some, and quiet contemplation from others.

    In 1% of cases anger among is used
    So intense was the sense of humiliation and anger among Muslims that they would even rally behind the devil himself if he stood up to the West.

    In 1% of cases anger without is used
    But they set off all these fears and anger without providing any other suggestions.

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