Prepositions after "annoy"

annoy by, for, to, about or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases annoy by is used
    I remember being annoyed by similar letters when I was a research student.
    Or maybe you were annoyed by something you read and want to argue with it.
    But I don't believe Charles II was annoyed by the sight or smell of bad coffee.
    Other Cabinet ministers were increasingly annoyed by the anarchy at the heart of government.
    I am usually not annoyed by naivety but when displayed so uncharmingly it becomes depressing.
    You can be annoyed by the socks or the closet or the whatever and still be married for 60 years.
    Burial is intended to protect the body from wild animals and its smell is contained within so that no one is annoyed by it.
    He was annoyed by the waving of his clothes as they trailed from the hanger beside him, at the opening of the green curtains.
    We really enjoyed the entertainment but were quickly annoyed by the attention we were getting, being the only white females in the joint.
    For the record I have a good friend who has been annoyed by Victoria since an Observer Sports Monthly cover she did before the Beijing Olympics.

    In 9% of cases annoy for is used
    For female, lifestyle and fantastic people needn't annoy for the way of getting the fanshion and function together.
    Apple's update strategy has proved to be successful, if annoying for those who want the top-of-the-line phone year after year but grimace at the cost.
    His accent always made him sound bored and semi-pissed, but Duane figured his Romanian roommate was annoyed for real since he'd been chatting up a blond when Duane left the club.

    In 8% of cases annoy to is used
    Terrible &; Severe Headaches Headaches can range from annoying to severe acute pain.

    In 4% of cases annoy about is used
    Aren't you getting a bit annoyed about this? Spa is coming up, are you confident that you can break it? Raikkonen: I think I've only been second twice, not three times, I don't know.
    John O'Regan seemed a bit annoyed about missing his 3:30 target by 2 seconds, but according to the results he had been pipped to 6th place by one second, which would have annoyed me too.

    In 4% of cases annoy at is used
    Sometimes my beautiful wife annoys at me to listen some new songs also.

    In 2% of cases annoy because is used
    I was annoyed because of the way the good old Prof.

    In 2% of cases annoy in is used
    Yuki annoys me well truth in all three the lead girls have annoyed in one way or another.

    In 2% of cases annoy on is used
    I find him a tad annoying on the television but to watch the meals being prepared tempts you into trying them, with great results.

    In 2% of cases annoy with is used
    OVER 38: ENG 111/0 (Cook 74* Compton 34*) Compton is in full-on block mode, and why not, but he looks a bit annoyed with himself to miss out on a long hop from Ashwin.

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