Prepositions after "amplify"

amplify by, in, for, from or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 66% of cases amplify by is used
    His own acute cultural awareness was amplified by what, or rather, who, came before him.
    It started with Carter, promoted by Clinton, and amplified by Obama five fold over what you claim Bush did wrong.
    During each round trip between the mirrors, the light waves are amplified by the active medium and reduced by internal losses and laser output.
    But thanks to the jet-engine decibel level of right-wing rage, a cacophony willingly amplified by the media, that accomplishment was drown out.
    Positive feedback works in the opposite direction, at the edge of instability: the signal is amplified by itself, weakening the relationship between input and output.

    In 9% of cases amplify in is used
    Both those themes -- an ethos of public service and ethnic diversity -- would be amplified in the ceremony and, more importantly, in the Games themselves.

    In 3% of cases amplify out is used
    But in the world that extremists inhabit, mere similarity is insufficient - it has to be much closer than that because small ideological differences are amplified out of proportion.

    In 3% of cases amplify through is used
    It is very absolve that the Mac OS X Lion shall be amplified through the Mac App Store, however, whether Apple association will release the annex brief to version 10.

    In 3% of cases amplify with is used
    This can be further amplified with HTML5 as it provides even more delineation of the content and adjusts based on device type and their implied intent.

    In 3% of cases amplify within is used
    Fears about the future of development education in schools are amplified within a context of global and national economic crisis.

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